Can I capture my amp in bias amp 2 directly through a neve RNDI before the speakers?

  • Can I capture my amp in bias amp 2 directly through a neve RNDI before the speakers?

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    @dega-lhao We haven't try that before. If you like the sound through the neve RNDI, you can just use it.

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    Does the RNDI function as a load box as well? I'd feel safer running from a line out or FX Loop into the lower level input circuit of the RNDI than the speaker level setting.

    Bias Software models all of the poweramp/speaker type things in the software, so I don't think there's anything to gain from the power stage if you have the head set in FRFR mode

  • Ohh. Do it up. Report back with clips.

    *In instrument mode, the RNDI’s high input headroom of +21.5dBU is capable of handling not only instruments, but professional, line level sources like interfaces, CD players and drum machines without a pad.

    In speaker mode, the RNDI can handle the screaming output of a 1000-watt power amplifier*

  • @dega-lhao I am not sure how or why you would do that. The goal is to get the sound you like as if the amp was miced with the mic of your choice. Seems like going direct to the Neve will be a line level, which is not what you really want.

    If the Neve preamp makes a line level sound good, then sure, but I highly doubt you will get a decent tone. It is like plugging your guitar straight into the Neve, which is not what your after, according to your question.

    Question : How do you intend to put your amp directly into the Neve ?
    Does the amp have a simulated out with a speaker defeat ? Meaning, some amps like blackstar have a speaker simulated out that can go to the front of house, which acts like a miced up cab.
    if the amp doe snot have this feature and trying to use a line out, I highly doubt you will capture the sound of your amp that way.



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