Unable to buy ultimate license on Bias FX mobile?

  • Anyone else having this issue?


  • @jacetaylor

    I just looked (mind you I have all but the acoustic pack for a while)

    It's a new feature so the Buy Button was grey in color and said "check license"

    I checked and it turned yellow like yours with no price, then I touched that yellow spot that has no price and it turned green and said "buy"

    I won't buy as I don't need that last expansion but try touching the Yellow No Price button and see what happens

    good luck

  • Is this a new bundle? I just got the damn essential license

  • @brian-dress

    Just a new licensing package deal looks like, but not absolutely sure I've had all but the acoustic pack for a couples years now, hard to tell whats different or not sometimes

  • Apparently it includes all the expansions which I have not purchased. I’ll have to see if I need it. I have never used any kind of rack fx or any of the other extra stuff. And I already have Bias amp 2 with all the expansions. Those amps are better than the Bias fx amp models I think

  • Nothing happens when I click the buy button. It just returns to that yellow button with double dashes.

  • @jacetaylor

    Sounds like a support issue best to write them direct - best of luck

  • If anyone finds a solution to this issue please update this tread. I'm having the same problem. I have not purchased any of the license options or any expansion packs. I'd like to purchase the Ultimate license but, when I click "buy now", nothing happens. I also sent a message to support a few days ago but have not heard back.

  • I came here in hopes that someone else had the answer. I also read in the app or in it's documentation that if you had either of the lower licenses that you could not purchase the Ultimate License. It doesn't say why and apparently there are well over 40 more effects to be had. I don't recall an Ultimate License when I made my original purchase.
    It would seem we are being punished for reasons unknown. You would think that as often as I get their email ads begging me to buy what I already bought that they would be on top of this.
    I'm sure there is a reason for it but they aren't ready to explain what that is.

  • Moderator

    Hi guys, we're sorry that the Ultimate License has been in the process of being verified by Apple since 5 days ago, and now it's finally approved.

  • @mike that sucks because people that bought essential would have purchased ultimate instead. To be pretty frank it’s a big load of horseshit

  • @brian-dress

    This is not PG's fault in any way - this is very typical of Apple and the hoops they make developers jump through to get their apps and features approved - seen it many times with other apps and developers so the anger should be on Apple not PG - cheers

  • A2

    Last year I was trying to get a coders' time to perhaps make my own iOS guitar app, and my main choice steadfastly refused and I just didn't get it, it seemed so easy that just by doing the right thing we would dominate immediately. Then he explained just how the apple store works, and I instantly had waves of sympathy for every one of these companies, such as PG and Yonac who were able to get so much done in spite of it

  • @brian-dress said in Unable to buy ultimate license on Bias FX mobile?:

    Is this a new bundle? I just got the damn essential license

    If you watch and wait you can buy each of the expansions when they are on sale like they were just a few weeks ago at $5 each - as far as I can see this ultimate is just an easy way to get all of them with one click and only if you think you need them all, for instance I don't need the acoustic pack so did not buy it. So I bought 6 of the 7 for $30 not sure what everyone is getting worked up about as you can still get it all and at a decent price with patience. If anything PG are helping to prevent you from accidentally buying things twice so that you can just fill in the missing gear as needed. - cheers

    If they never go on sale again that would be something to get worked up about for sure...

  • A2

    I want the acoustic pack for desktop for 5 bucks

  • @pipelineaudio said in Unable to buy ultimate license on Bias FX mobile?:

    I want the acoustic pack for desktop for 5 bucks

    haha yes I'll take the Metal Desktop pack for $5 - I believe firmly they would be wise to reduce the cost of all the desktop products, they would sell so much more volume and make way more money in the end.

    I have not upgraded to Elite on BA2 for example because from day 1 it has been offered to me at $100 with no introductory price break (unless you owned none of it) and I won't pay that much in any world. I bought Logic Pro for $200 and in case people don't know Logic can do quite a bit more. That was one of Apple's best decisions making Logic available at a price that way more people can afford and making GBand free (I think Reaper helped prove this too). A lot of audio software companies are charging NUTS prices for LICENSING since we own nothing but the license. If I buy a rack FX unit it is mine forever and I don't have to worry about planned obsolescence forcing me to buy upgrades. I also don't have to worry that if the company that made said rack fx unit disappears so does my licensing ability like with online software licensing schemes...

  • @jacetaylor No sooner than I typed my two cents I checked again and within an hour or so the button changed and I was able to buy the Ultimate License. Business is open now.

  • @minermike61 Now I'm looking to see any new effects as I do a side by side comparison to the older Bias FX still on my second iPad. Not seeing any difference. I'm not sure what the new effects are.

  • @minermike61 said in Unable to buy ultimate license on Bias FX mobile?:

    @minermike61 I'm not sure what the new effects are.

    NONE - again people overreacted to this bundle deal like it was something new it is just a way to get all with one click at a $10 discount without it being called a sale - nobody is or was missing out on the chance to have anything

    again if people wait you can buy the individual packs on sale for half price unless PG decides never to have sales again which is highly doubtful - cheers

  • @mike is this ultimate license always going to be available, or only for a limited time?