Flanger Pro causing sound output to quit

  • Has anybody had a problem when using Flanger Pro? I added it to a patch today and after a short time the sound output in Bias FX just quits. The output meters are flashing as if they are overloaded. Is this just a matter of it using too much CPU to work on my PC? I uploaded the patch to Tonecloud, maybe somebody could check if it works for them, in which case it is my PC, or if it happens to them too, in which case it could be Flanger Pro. Turning off Flanger Pro or going to a different patch restores the sound. The patch is under Alternative and is called "Somebody Call An Ambience"

  • After doing a bit more experimentation I discovered that the problem only happens when the Enhance is set to 10. If I set it to 9.9 or below, it works. So I am guessing it is not my PC.