BIAS FX offline mode

  • I'm trying to run bias fx offline but the program won't launch. As soon as I try to open it the program closes, when i try online it just work fine. I'm hoping to find help here

  • you should supply a few more details - is it on Mac? windows? iOS?

    After an initial login and license check it is normally good to go for offline play - after the login you check the "About" version in the app and should see it is no longer in demo mode.

    the online activation only thing is a highly disturbing practice of some software companies - I hope PG figures out a better licensing solution as well as starts to reduce the prices on the PC/MAC platform so they can sell volume instead of just niche.

  • I'm on Windows 10, I've done the activation it runs perfectly when I launch with internet and then go offline but when I try to launch it when I'm already offline a window pops out saying loading and 2s after it shuts down

  • You probably need to open a support ticket - PG does not really respond all the time here on the forum and that just leaves users.

    Once activated it should run fine here is a screen shot of mine I just took while offline (Mac here but should be the same there):
    0_1539799105860_bias FX offline.png

    Contact support on this I'd recommend - best of luck too

  • @corentin-terente To get online don't you have to be running the program first ?

    Can you explain what do you mean with internet and offline ?

    Is it a standalone version or a plugin ?
    Whether you are connected to the internet or not, it should open, then you have the option to login to the tone cloud.