What kind of pedal do i need to control the pitch shifter?

  • @pipelineaudio Guys thanks so much for all your help, i just woke up and gave it another try. i found a random youtube video and it's helped me out.

    I am programming it on the fcb itself i find the software very confusing at the moment. last night before bed i had a breakthrough of getting the first button to work, but then my expression pedals did not work. Just right now after watching the video i found, i got the first pedals and the first button working together! woo!, so right now i am feeling good, go do some yard work then come back and tryo to program the rest of it, ill let you guys know how i made out. But things are looking up.

    Thanks again for all your help guys, ill try to keep you updated later today!


    :edit o man i forgot about reaper :( works on standalone desktop but in reaper not working.
    And one more small problem i notice.

    When i push the expression pedal up and down it only goes to 04-125 it should go 00-127 but it wont push down all the way can i edit the range somehow or did my pedal get messed up in shipping?

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    Thats how you callibrate the pedals

    REAPER has a few different MIDI control paths, to me the easiest way to do it at first is to arm a regular track, tell it to accept the 1010's MIDI, and then send that track to other tracks to be controlled. The other way is thru Enabled PLUS Control in preferences devices

    A plugin called MIDI To ReaControl Path can help make this work, but it is something I keep getting upset at Justin about and its better for me to just use the other ways and not get in fights right now, but I'll revisit it later

    Have a look here for how to set up Live Configs if thats the way you want to go http://www.bschnell.de/LiveConfigs_1.pdf

    But the JS/scripting forum at reaper really shows the main threads about auto engage, and especially LBX stripper, which is the most powerful version of it all


    One plugin to learn for sure, and I think it comes with reaper, is called "ReaControlMIDI" put it on a track that is in monitor mode with MIDI and hit "show log" and welcome to total enlightenment!

  • @pipelineaudio omg its working! got reaper going got the pedal toggles working, ill set the expression pedal range later i have to do my workout lol!

    but everything is working so far! woo! thank you so much for your help man, yesterday i was so frustrated, but it's my own fault for trying to get ahead of myself. I owe you.

    ill keep you updated later tonight if i can get that EXP pedal range going.

    Thank you again!

    Oops how do i send the midi track to the other on reaper?>

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    Click the Io button on either the sending or receiving track and chose the send

  • @pipelineaudio damn everything's working just the way i wanted now! thank you so much pipelineaudio!!

    you saved me!

  • @pipelineaudio After booting up my pc and turning the fcb on today its not working anymore even after i reprogram it,i notice 2 green solid lights on my maudio usb yesterday it was only 1 and the other blinked when i made a click on the pedals.

    EDIT: fixed, had to repair the driver for some reason

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    Nothing keeps life exciting like intermittent problems