What kind of pedal do i need to control the pitch shifter?

  • hey guys im new to all this software and hardware, im running bias FX desktop. i want to use the pitch shifter but not with the mouse. Can i just use any expression pedal? or does it have to be a midi think i'm not really sure. I was looking at the "Avid Ex-P" ,"Moog ACCEP003 EP3 Expression Pedal" ,"
    Electro-Harmonix Expression Pedal"

    thanks guys

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    It needs midi, but if your midi pedal has an expression pedal input (like the Blueboard or the FCB1010) it will convert it for you

  • @pipelineaudio said in What kind of pedal do i need to control the pitch shifter?:

    Blueboard or the FCB1010

    thx for the quick reply!

    So i need a midi controller like the blueboard? would it work with an interface, i am borrowing my friends Zoom r24.(sorry again im a noob)

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    THis thing? https://www.zoom-na.com/products/production-recording/multi-track-recorders/zoom-r24-recorder-interface-controller-sampler

    I don't see an expression pedal input on this.

    Generally, you will want a midi pedalboard anyway, and those often come with expression pedals onboard or at least expression pedal inputs. If you are dead set on using an expression pedal with no pedalboard, unless they have actual midi outs, you will still need some device to convert between the expression pedal's analog output and MIDI

  • @pipelineaudio yeah that's, the interface. Thanks a lot i just wanted to make sure i didn't already have the capability.
    That blueboard looks like the best buy for me.

    Thanks again for your help!

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    Be sure to do your research, they tend to have hidden gotchas that can make you quite unhappy. I have a blueboard and it works well enough, but the control software for it is pretty crap. The same company makes a interface plus pedal called the Stomp i/O or something that posters on this forum have recently spoken about, comes with an expression pedal onboard. Sonoma Wireworks makes a really good interface plus pedalboard with an expression pedal jack called GuitarJack Stage, though it doesn't have an output volume knob. Not sure what else is out there. I have piles of interfaces, so usually I use a Behringer FCB1010

    Some of the older line 6 pedalboards have expression pedals AND function as proper interfaces. The newer ones do have interfaces, but their control software makes them rather limited in that regard, and I think some of them no longer send MIDI over USB

    The market is really kind of a pile of crap, and some really smart company (hint hint to Positive Grid) could totally clean up and dominate the competition, just by taking a look at what the end users are really seeing as stumbling blocks that nobody on the market is solving

  • @pipelineaudio The Behringer works good with bias fx? how do you like it. and would i go midi to usb?

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    It works as well as Bias FX will let it, which could and should be GREATLY improved. There's a lot more about the issues on my website in the whole paradigm of "bringing the studio to the stage". Today, I'm trying to write a how to of Bias FX setup on iOS ahead of this next announcement

  • @pipelineaudio I'm on the pc, i'm just looking to control the pedals and volume and pitch, would it be a good choice. does it work well with the software for that?

    and cause im on pc would i get a midi to usb cord?

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    If your interface doesnt have midi inputs, then yeah, a MIDI to USB cord would be very handy. I have an MAudio one that works great, but I'm betting there are lots of good, cheap ones out there for now. I am also using the Uno chip for it, but despite all the prophets of doom and gloom out there, using the stock chip with the free Mountain Utilities FCB1010 editor works great. I only needed the Uno because of an issue with the Yamaha Bluetooth MIDI controller.

    The pedalboard works very well for me, I have this one all modded for the live stuff, and another one I use under my desk for hands free control of many DAW functions, running into a Maudio MIDI to USB

  • @pipelineaudio I picked up the FCB1010, been trying for hours to get this thing working. Only the 2 expression pedals work, nothing else does argggg!

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    Ok, what exactly are you plugging it into? Did you grab one of the editing programs for it?

  • @pipelineaudio I got the M-audio uno usb cord plugged into my pc. The expression pedals work but i would like to also set the buttons to a few effects. I downloaded the fcb manager editor. but i am very confused lol i watched a long video and am just lost.

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    ok, so the trick is, you want to be sure that you are using PC messages when you want to be using PC messages and CC messages when you want to be using CC messages.

    I just discovered today that there are a lot of things where the desktop version of Bias FX's MIDI is a lot less capable than the mobile version, when used in standalone mode. I'm looking into this right now.

    Are you using it in standalone on desktop? Are you running mountain utilities FCB Editor?

    For desktop, I use a switching setup inside my DAW, but I'll go check how it works on standalone better

    I would figure assigning four pedals to be PC changes to chane presets and the other 6 pedals to be CC's for turning on and off fx, for the tuner and for tap tempo

  • @pipelineaudio I am using stand alone right now, because i can't seem to get it working with Reaper, but reaper would be my main.

    Yeah that setup sounds nice 6 pedals, i saw a comment on youtube someone said they set all the buttons to cc. not sure how. But im guessing the expression pedals are CC, that's why they are working for me.

    oops yes im using mountain utilities FCB Editor

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    With REAPER its crazy easy, either thru SWS Live Configs or LBX Stripper or mSchnell's plugins. http://pipelineaudio.net/2018/05/25/guitarjack-stage-with-lbx-stripper/

  • @pipelineaudio I got the button programming working, but now the expression pedals don't work, so much to do to get this thing working frustrated and thinking of sending it back. spent 8 hours today on this :(

  • @mr_hiver said in What kind of pedal do i need to control the pitch shifter?:

    so much to do to get this thing working frustrated and thinking of sending it back. spent 8 hours today on this :(

    Don't give up that easy, it's all a learning process until you got it down and even then there is unforeseen snags anywhere - the next pedal you choose could be just as much a pain or more

    If the EXP's worked before they can be working again just some learning there and good to get it out of the way so the next tasks can make more sense hopefully

    Keep trying but take a break now and then so you don't feel so overwhelmed by it all

  • @tafkad thanks , yeah ill try it again tomorrow

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    If I get a break at work tonight, I'll try and link you to some midi monitor plugins that make it REALLY easy to see exactly whats happening. I cant remember if they were PIZ or if they came with REAPER or what...I know one had a logger function and it really let me take over the fcb1010