Distortion Pedals

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    Is it just me, or do most Bias (and for that matter most VST) distortion pedals still barely at all actually distort? Comparing most of these side by side, they really just make stuff more muddy, but not really get anywhere near those near square waves and tons of upper harmonics

  • Watched a Pete Thorn video yesterday showing how to and not to use a TS9, into a Blackface. Hopped it up, but couldn't make it chunk. Only 'distortion' pedals are that hot - though virtually they need enough input signal.

    Solid state-wise, an amp should have enough gain and compression to hold its own. Tube-wise, few do, needing just enough pre-input gain to get them jazzy. Distortion pedals are basically preamps, and cascading preamps trash the signal.

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    They SHOULD trash the signal. I had some videos up a few years ago showing that cascading several distortion VSTs did NOT trash the signal, in fact the second and later pedals added ZERO distortion to the signal