How to put effects on effects?

  • Hi!

    Is there any way to put equalizers on reverb, delay, etc. in bias fx, without ruining the base guitar sound? Often in my DAW i send a signal to an effect, and I put EQ on it so that the delay or reverb i want won't get too sharp or muddy. I would like to do this in bias too for live purposes. Anyone knows how?

  • @alexander-aalstad-andersen I know some of the effects have built in EQs that you can modify, but if you want to get more detailed I would recommend using some routing within your DAW (assuming you have access to this kind of environment) and adding the FX you want to EQ outside of Bias on their own returns so you can modify them without affecting the overall signal.

  • You can with Bias pedal and then loading your custom effect into FX, you have two full EQs before and after processing.

    Otherwise, as noted, you have to get fancy with the routing in your DAW and likely more than one instance of FX if you only want to use FX without creating a custom effect with Bias pedal.

  • Thank you for your response. I will check out bias pedal, and then there is as you mention, the possibility to use the DAW, even though it is preferable to be able to skip this part live cause of midi switching etc. It would be nice if they could add this feature in the future though, by adding a splitter post amp.