Bias FX for IPhone coming?!

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    How do you get to live view in the desktop version of Bias FX?

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    Ah crap, I forgot you had to use that MIDIMtr thing. Anyway to do bluetooth midi directly to BiasFX? THis is like 5 seconds to switch presets

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  • @pipelineaudio nice man! Glad you got that working

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    Switching time is too long for presets, however, switching paths is decent!

    But then there
    s another problem...I would have used path switching to turn on several fx at once, but now thats a no go, so, is there any way to have the same button, maybe a CC or maybe a slot on live view, turn on and off more than one fx at once?

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    Interesting, there is a way to do this in the midi menu!

    This whole midi thing needs some cleaning up, seriously. Looks like you can use the Live View to switch paths, but in the MIDI assign you can only use different pedals to switch paths

    Somehow in MIDI menu some assignments go per preset and some go global, is there a way to tell it which you'd want it to go to?

    This will definitely work....could really use some fixing up, but I'll definitely have something working!

  • @pipelineaudio when you say this will work do you mean you won’t need your switch hardware mod?

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    No, I still need the switch mod, but at least I can get most everything else working

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    So next question, I know last year I was putting up pics of all sorts of proptotypes for live setups, of how to hold the ipad or computer and interfaces and speakers and all that. What do you think will be the simplest way to do it with ipad? Is there such a thing as an iphone holder? Seems like that would be nice and small stuck to an FRFR speaker

  • @pipelineaudio iPhone holder? I guess you could use one of the car dock deals. They have them where they squeeze the phone tight and have a spring release to take it out.

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    What will be the trick for moving your setups, including midi mapping and such from your ipad to your iphone? Can't really be done from desktop to mobile

  • @pipelineaudio I don’t really have any setups yet. I’m just looking forward to being able to use one ecosystem for stuff on iPhone. My laptop is old and slow and finnicky. I have an iohone7 so it works. Bias sounds way better than tonestack as far as amp modeling. I’m not in a band or anything, but the touchscreen works much better when I’m messing around with friends

  • So tomorrow Tuesday there's a BIG announcement according to PG. They even go on to say it's the biggest announcement since the original bias was released. They added "We mean it"

    So they want our expectations to be sky high.

    It can't just be an iPhone version of the existing Bias FX right?

    What I expect is Bias FX being compatible with the Heads. And a new Bias FX.

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    Just in case, I'm going to try and put together a comprehensive how to on running bias fx on iOS. It will deal with many of the evil issues that hopefully wont matter because they will magically fix them tomorrow, but just in case, they'll be described

  • @pipelineaudio Yes, I was recently playing around with FX on the iPad using a foot controller and the switching times are unusable. I wonder if some if it is redrawing the graphics. A performance mode that did not show any graphics might be faster... my iPad Pro was way faster than my Air so it may be something like that. @Felix @Mike @Joe-Kuo

    @alderre Re: This can't be it? Yes, look at the latest pic. It is clearly FX on the iPhone. Whether you consider that big or not, I cannot say, but that is clearly what it is.