IRig Stomp I/O with BiasFX

  • I picked up the Stomp I/O the other day and my first impressions are very positive.

    My previous setup was using the iRig HD and the Blueboard.

    Advantages of the Stomp I/O

    • it charges your iPad as you play, as opposed to having to worry about making sure it is charged before rehearsal or a show.
    • fewer cable connections means faster setup / tear down time and less room for possible problems (of particular note, worrying about the connection to the headphone jack going south)
    • no cables going up and down the mic stand connecting both to and from the ipad up top and a DI box or similar at the bottom.
    • faster, more responsive patch switching
    • more durable chassis
    • can assign a long press on button #4 to engage the tuner in Bias FX
    • built-in expression pedal


    • The worst thing I can say is that it does not have an XLR out, so in most cases, to go direct to a PA, you’ll still need a DI box in your bag of goodies.
    • you have to make sure you have AC power nearby to plug into (yeah, I know, right.... haha)

  • For my personal use, I assign the expression pedal to volume across all of my BiasFX patches and use a Mark Tremonti wah in line before the Stomp I/O.

    This was necessary for me for two reasons:

    • as much as I love the amp sounds I am getting in Bias FX, I have routinely found the wah sound a little less than satisfying.
    • there is no way to auto-engage the wah that I have found without creating a separate patch. The Tremonti wah has the auto-engage feature.

  • @chris-tondreau said in IRig Stomp I/O with BiasFX:

    • you have to make sure you have AC power nearby to plug into (yeah, I know, right.... haha)

    a 6 inch USB printer cable and a good battery should power it

    On the Wah note: I found 2 things that helped me

    first - when I went into my midi controller and changed the bottom range (was 0-127 and set it to 40-127) this helped a lot for my expression pedal because at first it just felt not right.

    second - in app audio like yonac's 3 wah's they help fill in too

    but for me mostly the range on the expression pedal was too wide and the wah felt awkward as well as did not seem to sweep correctly but now it sounds better, though a real wah is still a good option.

    the stomp I/O looks like a very cool deal with multiple use all over it, even as a stand alone midi controller converted to Bluetooth and battery without using the sound card is appealing

  • Interesting thought about tweaking the wah parameters. I might monkey with that, at the very least, for my own knowledge.

    I can’t help thinking that a printer USB cable and a battery would actually be more of a pain than simply reaching over and plugging in the wall wart. Haha. But a good thought in the event of emergency.

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    I wonder if you could drill a switch under the expression pedal like I just did with my behringer and plug it into the external control. I was using Bias FX + Yonac tonestack, but its just too unreliable, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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    Still not sure I would really like just four switches, but maybe

  • @pipelineaudio

    I made a patch with just a wah pedal in yonac - loads in bias without the yonac app even running and for just that pedal has been very stable so far (2nd gen pro) fingers x'd

    I just ordered a 6'' TRS right angle for the x p and just need to set it all in a box later after I add a dual switch to LT (for 2 more instant FX access buttons total of 8)

    I'm still trying to figure out the whole mobile platform concept now that it is of age - I don't want PG to make a hardware pedal no need the iPad will do and the app is great - pedals are an easy solution and too many choices since people want many different configs in a pedal-board - it would be a waste of time and resources that is better spent on the software, just my thoughts

    Cheers AES! good to see ya : ]

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    Oh man! That's diggin into the days of yore! :)

  • @pipelineaudio about 18 years ago met ya and you opp'd me about a year later haha

    those were the days (2000-2006) especially

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    How about this: Take the same Cory's SLug and snail guard, self stick copper tape we use for shielding, stick two pieces on the pedalboard case each wired to one end of a 1/4" male, then stick a full strip on the bottom of the expression pedal, then when the pedal hits, it connects them

  • @pipelineaudio haha the copper snail guard returns for more duty!

    neat idea too