Better parameter management

  • After using Bias FX for a couple of months or so now, the one thing I keep wishing Bias FX had that it doesn't is better parameter management. It would be great to be able to manually type a number in for any parameter rather than try and use a mouse to drag to the value. Also a way to quickly reset parameters to defaults by right-clicking or the equivalent. I have lost count of the number of times I have come up with some crazy settings in a module, decided to try a different module and then discovered in a later project that using the original again has kept my crazy settings and I have to try and figure out how to get it back to a usable setting. Being able to reset parameters like you can in most plugins would be a very welcome change. Maybe I am just ignorant of how to use Bias FX, and what it can do, and these features are already there. But if they are, they are too hidden. In a perfect world each module would be able to save their own presets too but I know Bias FX is designed more for working musicians than tinkerers. Just my 2 cents.