Lots of noise when when not playing anything!!!

  • I use a Behringer UMC22 interface, which doesnt seem to have a built in sound card but rather uses ASIO4all. That a whole other story because with the ASIO its amazing as far as no latency, Mic an Instrument jack , Headphone direct monitor switch, 2x outs in the back plus 48v for the mic preamp. I cant whoever get Bias FX to work with Reaper DAW, which everyone uses now days. With the ASIO i can record on to Reaper while playing back my rhythm track. Sometimes i cant even run through Bias FX, got it sounding good, then start reaper and try to just record me jamming a little. Its like I need 1 more soundcard plus the ASIO the i would be 'good, and Reaper would be able to playback on the while my ASIO handles the input.
    Whew, I digress, when I select Tosin Abasi's Gain Lead preset and on other also, many others, Is it just the effects and the amps, i dont know,stuff that you would really hear if it were live or something, normal noises. I usually keep a gate on with it turned all the way down and it works most of the time, but for softer parts sometimes i roll back the guitar volume nob for a cleaner sound and then the damn gate kicks in, and its already set to the lowest settings.

    Honestly any help you could give e with either thing I mentioned

    • woud be very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this novel lol
      John Riddle

  • ASIO4ALL is an audio driver, yo. UMC22 is an interface, which is also a sound[card] device. Now, what is your problem?