PG Instagram post teaser

  • Anyone see this? Maybe finally Bias fx on iPhone??

  • @brian-dress finally. Although I don’t see myself using it on iPhone unless I find a sturdy dock.

  • @alderre I’d put it in a pelican case with my presets and interface and just have a midi pedal outside that or on a clip on a stand with a lightning extension cable so the adapter isn’t flexing on me

  • A2

    If so, good time to make yourself a wireless, battery powered FCB 1010!

  • @pipelineaudio yeah maybe I’ll look into that. I have my arduino box but it’s kinda more hassle than it’s worth with no GUI to change what codes it sends out. Have to go into the adruino code to change it up. But I do have it and it’s free so lol.

  • @pipelineaudio do you find Bias fx sounds better than helix bro? I saw you mentioned that in the HX stomp thread.

  • @brian-dress I think the common feeling is that helix amps are not as good as Bias
    , but the effects are top notch.

    I can attest to this after comparing using helix native. Now, maybe helix floor and helix native sound different, but that was my experience

  • A2

    I wasn't able to get the helix amps to sound in a way that I'm happy with on the Bias amps, even with the same impulses. Theres something different about the way their distortion algo works.

    On the other hand, function and utility wise, Helix and even the older hd500x just anihilate the PG stuff in my opinion. I can't think of a single instance where PG holds an advantage there. From true dual outs (cab off for amp and cab on for PA), auto engage, mix controls on many of the fx, its something PG really needs to close the gaps there, and perhaps most importantly of all, being able to see parameter values without changing them! The fact that line 6 manages to get sooooo many of the function basics completely wrong, yet still be miles past PG in this regard is sad

    And then there's the FX. Helix covers all the basics, including harmonizers

  • Yea I hear you. I need to spend more time with Bias if I’m gonna use it. I get some really really shitty tones in Bias amp by itself. Getting the levels right when using it inside tonestack for fx is a bitch too. I’m hoping Bias fx will fix that for me