Dull sound on my presets from Bias Head

  • Hey BIAS Heads :)

    I noticed a little bummer, at least for me...
    I connected the HEAD via USB to my Mac and run BIAS AMP Desktop. I connected the HEAD with the software. Everythings fine.

    Then I browsed through a couple of Presets and tweaked them right away.

    I played with headphones on straight out of the headphone jack of the HEAD because it was nighttime...

    So I dialed in a few settings and set up a killer 6505 kinda tone. I saved it to the Software and assigned it to be on my Patch 1 on Bank 5, whatsoever...

    Then I plugged my guitar and headphones into my Audio Interface and played right into BIAS AMP Desktop. My 6505 Setting does not sound as it sounds via the BIAS HEAD headphone out.

    It is much thicker, duller and has too much bass on it, although it's the same settings. It doesn't sound total bullshit but it's not the same tone I dialed for. It isn't only on that patch. A clean preset i made was too much bass and dull right via my DAW / Standalone.

    I thought one of the keyfeatures is that you can save your sound on the software side and use it on recordings and have that exact tone to go on stage with the BIAS HEAD.

    I am little confused.

    I used the very same guitar and headphones. Maybe you experienced similar behavior. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

    Sorry for long post and thanks for helping.


  • Hi Max, unfortunately plugging directly into your Bias Head and listening on headphones attached to the head isn't apples to apples with using the software on your desktop. With the desktop you have a/d and d/a conversion, you have a different headphone amplifier (built into your interface), you have different sample rates and audio components.

    I haven't tried to use headphones on the head and then headphones on my computer to compare, but I would assume that I would have to make some subtle tweaks between the two either way. They are just different hosts, signal paths, and environments.

    Sorry I can't offer much else, but I would recommend doing some additional testing on your side. Try different tones and different guitars. Try using the line out on the Head into your interface to see if what your interface captures is different than plugging your guitar directly into your interface and using the Bias plugin. Make sure the plugin is up to date. Etc. etc.

  • Thanks for the advice. I will do some testing in the following days and let you guys know.

    It isn't my approach to play the head via headphones. I was just tweaking around and was surprised.

    I will check how the head behaves with a real cab, when I put other sounds, that i created from scratch on the desktop software, on it.
    Then I am going to dial in some settings on the head, save the sounds and check them out on the desktop software with a similar cab simulation.
    And i will finally try to route the direct out of the head into line input of my interface and do some backchecking with headphones straight out of my interface.

    I will let you guys know.

    Thanks for the help.

  • @max-scheer Hi Max. Nice to meet you here, too.
    I love it, when something is handled structured. Looking forward to hear about your results :heart_eyes:

  • So the Head works and sounds great on a real cab (412 v30).
    The sounds i created on desktop need just some tweaks based on the real cab you are using. I guess thats totally fine.

    I routed the DI-Out via XLR to my Line In on my Interface and backchecked in logic with the plugin. Almost no difference. Perfect sound.

    Though it's still a bummer to have that headphone out useless but it works great with headphones if you take the detour via. DI-Out and an Audio Interface.

    Now I face some issues with midi program changes but i will try out some things before i bother you.

    Thanks for helping.

  • @max-scheer Always feel free to ask! We are trying to make the community as friendly and interactive as possible. I don't know much about MIDI programming unfortunately though...

  • That last two nights I've been doing similar to know what I'm hearing when monitoring. Using Audacity to record the stereo mix in my PC from tracks played through WMP, from Reaper, from the Line In (which is how I have been monitoring), and various Windows Sound settings. There are some curious differences. I have to finalize my findings.....