bad press? WTF?

  • OK, so I have BFX pro, and to be honest, I love it. After my pod hd500 gave up the ghost, i wanted something to replace it that was not cheap chinese PCB based, and BFX seemed to fit the bill. I have read a lot of bad reviews about PG and BFX... am i missing something? I think it is pretty good for the price I paid ($150... july 4th special).

    I use it with reaper and a fbv mkii midi pedal controller with not issues at all.

  • A2

    Haters gonna hate. I have my issues with it, but I have my issues with everything. That said, its been on almost every album I've mixed since I first met it, and what I use for the few times when I play live as well.

  • Actually, in this day and age, what PG has accomplished is nothing short of amazing.

    I have high hopes and will support them as much as I possibly can.

    The bad press you refer to is not worse than what you read about every other company.

    PG makes it right whenever they make mistakes. That’s all I want really, accountability.

  • good point, I am new to PG, so I do not have a full history of the company. Hopefully they keep doing what they are doing and try to do right by their customers (like Cockos does).

  • I think much of the hate comes from the B1 software, which IMO was very good but had some areas it could improve on when compared to helix/kemper/axe fx tones. It did do this for B2 and to me has matched the quality of the other products, but people still think it's B1 and don't really want to give it another shot with so many other great products out there.

    I think a major part with the hardware value has been the lack of built in effects, which to me did matter as I bought the head to use with an existing pedalboard but many have found (and tbh I can see their point to some regard) it a bit odd that a company known for amp+fx software would come out with a hardware version that only has amps, when all the other modellers have both. To me the price is about right for what it is since you get the pro software/power amp etc but it's going to take a bit of convincing still for others, I never see bias hardware mentioned in other guitar related forums and that's an issue for the future of the product IMO

  • I was apprehensive about getting BFX as well because of all the hate on it. I play and record all sorts of styles so I wanted something versatile and on par with Helix Native (from a sheer number of sonic possibilities perspective) and was not about to pay $300 for software that emulates the LT board I already had!!. Because I mainly just record these days BFX fits that bill nicely for me. I can spend hours playing with the sounds and the ToneCloud is great for pulling inspiration from someone else's work :).

    Most of the hate I have seen is related to the PG up-sell philosophy. I get that, it sucks to spend good money on something only to find that the sound you want requires an additional purchase. Buying into the bundles is definitely the way to go, as it is with many software companies anymore.

    It's not the best at everything, but it's a great all around product. It's like vice grips and crescent wrenches. Not always the best tool for the job, but they always get it done.