Headrush Gigboard

  • It's hard to see these companies release new pedalboards while waiting for PG to do the same.

    I know, I know. I may be in the minority here. But this gigboard looks ideal for me. Except of course, I don't really want to recreate all my patches.

    Still waiting PG. Make me one like this

    alt text


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    I can make one myself, though it would be easier with a decent investment, we can pretty much make one with turnkey off the shelf parts, but a small amount of tooling would make it worlds better. Also, there are a few things I'd like to see changed in Bias FX so that the standalone version would work right, though we could do it as a VST host.

    Really I have backed off for a bit in the hopes that PG will do it themselves. I'm not averse to spinning back up and doing it if it starts to look too distant.

  • @pipelineaudio I’d buy your unit. I’m curious, could you tell me about your interface? Touchscreen? iPad mini in there?

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    The ipad one works ok, but really the final thing I did was with a tablet, all because of a few (what I consider) missing functions from Bias FX, so I had to do it in VST, which means also doing a VST host.

    At the end I was using reaper as the host itself, alongside LBX Stripper to really handle it, but it got to a point, where I really wouldn't expect people to want to go through the amount of light programming necessary to make it work, so if I was doing this, I was looking at making a VST host out of the JUCE one, similar to Gig Performer

    But the frustration of there just being a few gotchas in Bias FX standalone makes me hope and wish that they will just finish the standalone, it would take worlds less trouble!

    The way I eventually set up was

    1. A roadworthy box case, with a windows tablet mounted on the inside of the top lid
    2. Zoom UAC-2 inside the case
    3. DI box from one of the Zoom outputs for the PA
    4. DI out wired to two male xlr jack on the case side for convenience for the PA
    5. Main out wired to female 1/4" jack on side of the case for convenience to the guitar speaker system
    6. Male three prong standard jack for AC power mounted to the back of the case, and coiled up extension cord carried inside the case
    7. WidiBud Bluetooth adapter in the tablet USB port
    8. Behringer FCB1010 modded to be battery powered with an Uno chip, and Yamaha BT01 wireless attached

    Now, were I to try and tool up to this, I would probably make a case that could just contain the pedalboard, interface, DI and jacks as one unit, with a grove on top like some of the newer devices for a tablet to sit in.

    If I tooled up harder, now we're talking about an embedded system so we can ditch all the latency, but still would require a computer control for any serious programming, which again, would be so much better if Bias FX standalone just had the few more missing features, as then you could just send the presets to it (and yeah, we would have to have a long talk with PG about the preset management system!!!)

    The other thing is, the revalver standalone is SO close, and since it can host VST's, it would be far, far easier to go that way, but they also have what I think are a few missing features

    So much better if positive grid just makes bias FX 2, with the considerations I have sent them, and then also does a hardware unit

  • @pipelineaudio very interesting. If someone were to commission a prototype unit, what would it take.
    At least $1.5k?

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    With out of the box stuff, I guess lets see
    Dell Inspiron 13 tablet i5 (which seems to run this just fine, and had more ports than the Surface 4 at the time). 650dollars
    Zoom U24, which I think Joe Kuo ran the numbers on and would be ok, 100 dollars
    Behringer FCB 1010, 150 dollars

    You are up to 900 bucks for a basic system

    Start adding frills like a DI just in case the interface can't handle phantom power showing up on its output, wireless and battery powered mods to the pedalboard, and you are getting nearer that 1500

    The thing is, it gets unwieldy, and possibly takes a while to set up live, though mine could be in just over a minute, there are a lot of things that could go wrong.

    It starts to show just what a deal something like the Helix is, but PG could certainly beat it (though I'd REALLY want to see, a harmonizer, which Helix has, auto engage for the wah and other relevant FX, DEFINITELY native, sensible support for the dual output path (cab on for the PA/FRFR and no cab for guitar amps, with no compromises [can certainly be done])

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    An embedded system like kemper and the others seem to be where they are running on either their own OS, or maybe a minimal OS would really take some serious doing, and again, its something PG are already doing for Bias Head and Bias Pedal, so we know they can do it, if I had to it would really take a pile of money to get the first one made, and I dont really want to hazard a guess as to how big that pile was. I know I could get the programmer to do it for 5000, since he already wants this for himself, but not too sure what other costs we'd be running into

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    Sadly, I am not all that averse to just getting back to my other work, and just getting a Helix for my own use. Technically, it does everything I would want it to do, but it just doesn't sound like Bias, and that's a huge factor. In the pragmatic sense, it most certainly performs all the functions, and some of them quite well, but I could just never get the amp to sound the way I'd like....though being able to get it 80% there, as opposed to having the perfect sound, but not the portability or pragmatic usage...I'm getting closer and closer to being happy losing that 20%

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    Hopefully this isn't how PG decides to do it, if they ever do. I would want an onboard expression pedal, and hopefully 10 or 12 footswitches. 4 presets, 4 stomps (or the ability to use these 8 as snapshots), 1 tap, 1 tuner, bank up/bank down.

    One of the biggest problems for me even on the computer with PG's stuff is the inability to fine tune, or see the current values of parameters. A touch screen would likely force this paradigm to be continued, so not sure about that.

  • @alderre - looks great (as always with new stuff) and price is right on for all it offers in hardware connectivity and usability - only problem for me another new hardware computing device with limited future support - the iPad pro with just about any decent USB soundcard is perfect + other apps to combine with for live performance (looping,synths,drums,vocals etc) is great - As for Good foot-controllers another easy solution [ for instance using a Mastermind LT powered by USB Battery + Bluetooth via "Wireless MIDI Interface mi.1" ] = the same setup + with interchangeable parts that are individually going to be upgraded and supported over time (we hope...) on that note hoping PG stays focused on improving the usefulness of the mobile platform like * #1 smoother patch switching #2 Bluetooth midi connect built in, not just usability it has that (so silly to go connect via other apps) #3 glitch free performance #4 lower CPU consumption #5 etc * because they have a great system now that just needs continued support, oh an a bit lower prices on the desktop platforms to dominate all competition would not hurt.

    @PG - Currently the mobile iPad BiasFX is everything for me now +BiasAMP 2 - Please don't break it or reinvent it guys, just keep polishing it up and try to stay Legacy Backward Compatible as long as you can, it will all serve you well.

  • @tafkad True. Very good points.

  • @tafkad Yes, I would love to see PG just create an iPad dock specifically geared toward their stuff and continue to polish the Apps. Like the IK Stomp I/O but good. :)

    Man, I connected my iPad to my solid state power amp + cab today. Running Bias FX and turning off cab sims but leaving tube power amp sims on was giving some crushing tones. I have this one dual plexi patch that is like my grail tone.

    Positive Grid seriously OWNS the iOS space. Everyone else has a banonded it or just are not as good. IK is about the only other company even trying. iPads are getting SO powerful too. I have a Pro 10.5 and it is insanely good.

    @Joe-Kuo @Mike @Felix Seriously, you guys are killing it on iOS. Keep it up.

    @alderre You are going to hate Line 6's announcement today if the HR GB bugs you. ;)

  • @elric I’ve been reading every post at the gear page (they banned me last week so I can’t post)

    And I don’t think I could live with the 6 block limitation.

    I do have a question for you, if you have the time.

    From what I can see, you have played a helix and many other modelers.

    Honestly, I am happy with the sound I get from Bias and Bias fx. I mean really really happy. But I can’t avoid this feeling that I’m missing something.

    Do you see a considerable difference between effects and amps in helix vs bias and bias fx?

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    Helix has the missing basics like auto engage for the wah, and a harmonizer. Also usually mix controls for the FX. For the ones where they go straight head to head, I think Bias wins every time, but those are only a small part of the pie

  • @alderre said in Headrush Gigboard:

    Honestly, I am happy with the sound I get from Bias and Bias fx. I mean really really happy. But I can’t avoid this feeling that I’m missing something.

    That's how the music-industry and GAS works!
    Stop tweaking (and thinking about the perfect gear and tone) and go back to play.
    This is always the answer.

  • @sascha-ballweg you’re right, I need to remember that.

  • @alderre On the Gear Page the Helix gets insane hype. That forum is like that, though. You get a serious majority contingent that runs the place like thought police for a while. When the original Axe Fx came out the AxeFx peeps were like that there too for years. If you compared anything favorably to it or suggested it was less than perfect they'd try to run you off the board... Now it is happening with the Helix.

    Bias is hated with a passion on TGP for some reason. A few years back everyone was head over heels with it when it was an upstart iOS app. I think it is amazing such a powerful system can run on an iOS device and is preset compatible with a serious DAW VST.

    TBH, I put the current generation of Bias and Helix in the same tier soundwise although people who are Helix fans would lose their mind over that... The current Bias FX and 2 with the latest DSP engine can get crazy good hard rock and metal tones and blues and clean are completely solid (although I think Helix is the winner on those, generally).

    As someone who plays distorted/rock/heavy most of the time I have a couple Bias sounds I just have not been able to touch with the Helix sounds.... I find Bias extremely painful to dial in though. I had to go through many terrible sounds to get my good ones...

    Helix's distortion tones are unrealistic in their high end harmonic content IMHO when you get into heavy gain. They are kind of 'ratty' sounding in fact. I find this difficult because it is a fundamental problem with the tone and the deep editing in Helix is not there and it does not have amp match.

    I have a long list of things I would tweak in Bias and Helix both. I do think Bias has the potential to take it up a notch if PG could straighten a few things out. I think Line 6 (or at least the fans) think they are already there but they're not if you have an AxeFx or Kemper on hand to compare.

    I would say with Bias you absolutely do have the tools to make great music with great tones at your disposal. Gear is fun but don't let GAS get you down. I like experimenting with new gear for inspiration; it shouldn't make you question yourself or ruin your creativity.

  • Gear is fun but don't let GAS get you down. I like experimenting with new gear for inspiration; it shouldn't make you question yourself or ruin your creativity.

    That's where Headrush shimes in and takes the crown with its Boards. Not the very best tone, but just fun to setup. Scrolling in handsfree-mode by foot through hundreds of IRS, to find your favs without using your finger or a mouse is just fun and supports creativity instead of wasting time to navigate and select one after the other.

  • @elric thank you for taking the time to write this. It’s easy to get lost reading about gear and other forms.

  • Got one for a good price, $599, not the best price but at 48 month 0%, don't care. I loved the 11R, especially once I put an EpSi IR loader in the FX loop. The Gigboard sound phenomenal thru my Sennheiser 595s. I bought this to be my practice tool at work lunchtime. Loaded 300-400 IRs I had from Ownhammer and 3 Sigma. i believe it has a 2GB solid state memory capacity. Color me impressed. Very heavy, substantial piece of gear for its size.

    Still lots of love for my Bias Mini, my live/jam rig. I'll love it more if they figure out the MIDI assignment issue I'm having with a Rocktron MidiMate.