Sound dies after minor tweaking or saving

  • Pretty much the subject.

    Sometimes when I edit my amps in the software, the amp will stop working. When I change amps, they work no problem, but returning to the "broken" amp, it will still not work. What's up?

  • Hi,

    I had a similar problem from the beginning (bias amp 1), but only with matched amps (from choptones) and only when connected to the software with the bias head. Whenever I tweak a matched amp using the software on the head and then try to save it, the amp patch becomes broken, no sound anymore. My workaround is first tweaking it in the software without the head connected and then connecting the head to save the updated patch to it.
    All non-matched amps do not have this problem.

  • Yeah all amp matched ones. I'll do that until it's fixed, thanks m'lord.