Bias Amp 2 crashing Pro Tools at startup

  • Hi there, I'm posting here since the help request page doesn't seem to work with either of my browsers.

    I've been using the standalone version the Bias Amp 2 software for a while now, so I tried to fire it up in Pro Tools for the first time earlier today. Pro Tools launches normally and begins scanning my plugins, then crashes upon reaching Bias Amp 2. I've tried uninstalling Bias Amp 2/FX/Pedal and reinstalling the latest versions of each plugin, but the same problem persists.

    I'm running Windows 7 with Pro Tools 11.3 and a 3rd gen AVID MBox, and all of my Bias software was purchased directly from the Positive Grid store.

    Anybody had similar problems?

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    Hi, BIAS Amp 2 works fine with my PT12 and Ultimate here, have you tried:

    1. Manually delete BIAS Amp2.aax in C: > Program Files > Common Files > Avid > Audio > Plug-Ins

    2. Uninstall/reinstall the latest 64bit BIAS Amp 2 plugin and reboot your computer, you can find the installer here

  • Hi Mike, I've followed your instructions, but I'm still not having any luck starting Pro Tools. The program continues to crash at the same point upon scanning Bias Amp 2.

    Crash screenshot

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    @dubhar Please send us a ticket for the follow up via here , thank you!