Mini Guitar Becoming Inoperable??

  • A few weeks ago, after my soundcheck, I had about a half hour before showtime so i shut everything down. When fired everything up I had nothing. Of course checked all connections in my effects chain, then plugged in directly to the amp. I shut off my amp for 15 seconds, and for a millisecond, I had sound then it died. Needless to say, i played acoustic the entire show. Got home and it worked, and no, it wasn't environmental. I play this venue every few weeks. Anyone else have this issue??????????????????????

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  • I have similar issues with mine. It worked just fine until the last update (firmware is up to date).

    Then it started acting up in different stages:

    At first I didn’t get any sound when I turned it on. I always have to switch it off and on again or change the preset to get a signal through.

    And just in the last two days two new issues came up. Now it happens from time to time that I cannot turn it off. Only pulling the plug does the trick. Last but not least the multifunctional overall volume knob became useless. Sometimes the LEDs don’t even light up, otherwise the do light up an change when I turn the knob, but it doesn’t change the volume on any of the ins and outs.

    I was really happy with the Mini Head until now, but this is starting to get a wee bit annoying.

    I’d really appreciate any help.