White noise. Noise floor amplified?

  • Hey guys. Even with nothing connected to my interface I get really loud white noise when I have high gain amps. Does anyone else experience this? Do I just have a low quality interface with a high noise floor? How do you work around it?

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    Yes, Maybe, noisegates sometimes

    In a bit more detail, on the higher gain stuff, thinking about the compression ratios involved I'm often looking at 24dB SNR, ad ANY stray extra noise, like from an analog interface like an iRig2 and it gets nearly unusable

  • @pipelineaudio hey bro. Here’s a clip with nothing plugged into the interface and just using a jcm800 sim with no boost pedal or anything. Would you call this unavoidable noise floor amplification?


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    That sure seems like a lot for the 800! Where's the gain knob at on your interface?

  • @pipelineaudio well I use the high z and turn the pad on and then it’s maybw halfway up? What I do is turn my bridge humbucker all the way and strum extra hard and put it to where it’s just below clipping. I wish there was a more scientific Way to set that level lmao

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    That's about the perfect way actually!

  • @pipelineaudio lol well then I think the amp just is amplifying my noise floor. The noise floor actually gets louder if I engage the “pad” function

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    Well that's kind of crazy! I guess if there was an AGC circuit that would actually make sense, but I swear I dont hear anything weird on the stock 800's

    Does the same effect as the pad happen with the mic pre/DI gain? Like if you unplug the cable to the input, if you turn up the gain knob on the interface the noise goes down?

  • @pipelineaudio I’ll have to check that. I tore down my strat to work on reshielding it. I spliced unshielded wires onto the braided wire that goes to the output jack becaus it had gotten too short to work with. Hopefully it works. I did a new joint on the claw and connected that to a wire coming down from the volume pot that I soldered them both together to the copper tape I have in there. To be honest my shielding job was really messy. Was my first try and I used many many different pieces. Probably need to redo the whole thing.

    Weird enough I got noise from my LP type, opened up the control cavity and no shielding and sloppy soldering on pots. I’ll have to redo it. Been wanting to put push pulls in it anyhow

  • @pipelineaudio i just scored an NI Komplete Audio 6 used for 130. Should be a nice upgrade from the behringer. You have any experience with it?