Bias FX Mobile: inter-app audio issue in multitasking and IR loader

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    gtr->focusrite 2i4 2nd gen->ipad pro iOS 9.3.5->bias fx->inter-app (Rooms! - IR loader)->stereo out

    Almost always in Bias Fx chain I use "Rooms!" as inter-app audio. It's an impulse response loader which makes me able to load any Cabinet IR i like and thanks to it I get better sounds ...i mean A LOT better..but you can't select a different IR per each patch..
    (Positive grid guys you should really think to work on a 24 bit 44.1khz 500ms IR loader on bias fx mobile)

    The issue:
    Normally I would be able to keep running bias fx in the background and open other audio apps like iTunes or Youtube, but if my patch has an inter-app audio "on" once I attempt to open any audio app, bias fx stops working properly: I can't hear nothing but a sawtooth wave like sound from bias fx (running in background) and at the same time the normal audio coming from the secondary app (e.g. iTunes)

    Once I go back to Bias Fx I can see the output meters standing at 0db no matters if the gtr is plugged or not and when I move to a patch without inter-app audio, Bias Fx works again...

    Do you think this behaivor has to do with a Bias Fx bug or it depends on the interapp audio itself?

  • @salvatore-di-piazza i work with Fiddlicator as an IR loader thru Audiobus - Bias works just fine here. Using a Line 6 sonic port for an interface btw. Maybe try Audiobus for routing your audio between apps.

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    Fiddlicator has been as sketchy for me on Audiobus as IAA

  • Try the AUM mixer app. works great for me.

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