Agree on the cab/no cab flexibility for both outputs. Critical!

  • Re: mini speaker out bypasses cab sim

    I completely agree with you guys. I'm new here as i just got my Mini over the weekend. I've played it through the 2x12 cab made for the Yamaha THR100HD(just sold that on the TGP). It was OK but @ 16 OHMs is was shunting the full power of the Mini. I tried one of my ASM-12s and was actually disappointed in how it sounded. My Kemper rocks the ASM-12.
    Finally I have an old PRS SE Deep 2x12 with a Emi' Governor and a Wizard in it, and the Mini sings.
    I'm only auditioning Glassy sounds right now, because I believe that hi gain/distortion sounds have an advantage of sounding better thant cleans on almost all modeling platforms. JMHO

  • If I wind up using the ASM-12, I'm going to have to work with the IR selection within BIAS AMP 2 or add from my own collection of Ownhammers or 3 Sigmas. the defaults from the AMP MATCHED Fender seemed lifeless compared to the actual cab. I honestly expected it FRFR to sound better.

  • I agree, although I play hi gain stuff and have dialed in some amazing tones, I am still not happy with the cleans that I am getting, they do seem lifeless. I'm going for a Nile Rogers, Brian May(Another One Bites The Dust) Funk, Clean and can't quite dial it in.

  • One last thing, keep in mind, i go direct to the house, my cab is not micd and is merely a monitor for which my tones are not completely accurate unless I hear it in the house. When I dial in my tones, I use very high end earphones.

  • A2

    I've taken to baking in acoustic guitar impulses in Bias Amp and then importing that as the first effect block in bias fx to get really crystal clear cleans....the amp still does something weird to it, but it can sound good to me