A tool to listen to and organize IR cab impulse response files

  • I wish PG would offer a tool to listen to and organize IR cab impulse response files.
    This tool could have a bunch of some dry recordings which could be played using all the amp-defaults without a cab in the signal-path.

    I am thinking of some kind of file asset management system, where you can preview (listen) to IR-files, vote for them, tag them and fill out meta-informations like manufacturer, name of bundle, brand of the cab, number and size of speakers, speakers brands, mics, mic position.

    It would be perfect, if one could export the IR-wave files in the needed format and give them alias-names like an UPC/EAN-Code to regard of display restrictions and to prevent automatically shortened IR-names like it happens in the BIAS apps.

    At the moment I am sorting out hundreds of IR-files using some kind of automatically generated "UPC"-codes, using an Excel-Sheet.
    Something similar but more comfortable would be highly appreciated!

    As another benefit this tool could be used marketing wise to present the quality of the amp-modeling to interested people, even when there is no guitar or audio-interface available.
    BIAS apps have the basic engines running which could make such a IR-Management possible. Hey ho, let's go!

  • Seems that there are not so many people interested as I thought they should be.
    Maybe some can advice me how they listen to, sort, name and archive their IR-files?

    I would be highly interested in structured methods.

  • A2

    I'd sure love this

  • I will get in contact with PG directly just to hear about their thoughts and possibilities. Maybe the product of that effort could be something which cleans up the mess within the IR-loader and management within the BIAS-line overall :)

  • @sascha-ballweg

    We are actually building an Impulse response library called "Soundwoofer" that might suit your needs.

    Link to our website

    Direct link to our library of Impulse responses