Editing Bias FX amps in Bias Head

  • A2

    On the ipad version, I swear you could open and edit your bias fx amp into bias amp. Is there a way you can do this in Bias amp desktop from Bias FX?

  • Years ago there was a little arrow at the right middle that would open Bamp. Maybe that was only mobile.

  • I have owned this thing for a month and yes, another bizarre feature. In the "Mobile" version you get a cool tube to the right in Bias amp,. instant gratification and access and all. (Integration) In the desktop for some unknown reason it isn't there. It's listen, tweak, save go to Bias fx, open, reload, listen, go back to Bias amp, open, tweak,save, ect. (This is really stupid)) Another plus this is not on one page in news, it's 2 different pages instead so you better pay attention to the headings. Would be excellent to have all on one page saying "This one we actually made work, but we can't fix the other one.