Sounds dragged between red and green banks are not the same.

  • I noticed recently that when dragging sounds between red and green banks of the Bias guitar amp mini that the sounds change. For example, when dragging a clean sound from the green bank to the red bank, it becomes an overdrive sound. I wasted hours trying to setup my sounds. Lucky I had made backups.

    P.G. support was made aware of and could replicate the issue meaning that this is a common problem that needs to be resolved a.s.a.p. Come on guys, that's basic beta-testing.

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    @zigguitars Sorry for the delayed response. We have created an official report and it will be fixed very soon.

  • For what it's worth, I swapped all my clean and glassy presets to MIDI spots 1-8(Red) with the 8 drive and gain presets that moved to 9-16(Green). I did not see this behavior. I'm using a a BIAS MINI Bass as a guitar amp(got DEMO from Sweetwater), not that that difference should matter. If it's a known issue, I'm glad there on to a fix.