PG website. What happens when...?

  • A2

    What happens when you click on one of the expansions here?

    Does it take you to a page explaining them, or to the Bias FX page, where you get a chance to click on them again, which will take you back to the bias fx page?

  • @pipelineaudio Exactly

  • Like a lot of things in Positive Grid land . . . Generally Flaky, poorly thought out and implemented, longstanding issues, chance of being fixed zero to none.

  • A2

    These and a lot of the issues in the plugins are really just quality of life issues. They have the means to fix them, but its hard for them to know exactly what it feels like to be the end user, so they focus on what seems to them to be higher priorities.

    This is so much a parallel of when we were first making REAPER. There really wasn't a good liason between the studios who had to use the stuff for a living, and the developers of most DAWs who seem to never have been within 20 miles of a studio and just had no idea what it was we needed. I kept notes, and years later, REAPER was born. I would LOVE to do the same thing for Positive Grid, and I've offered.