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Loss of tone and distortion when above 96Khz.

  • I know some of you saw where there was this issue for some, but those never directly addressed it as a sample rate issue possibly.

    I can't run bias amp 2 at any sample rate higher than 96khz without distortion loss and an overall tinny/muffled tone, that has nothing to do with mic placement as was noticed by some. It directly happens when switching between anything up to 96khz and anything above that (like say 192khz).

    I make sure that both the sample rate and buffer size are "matched" (192khz with 192 buffer size). This isn't a buffer issue as I've tried VERY large buffers and VERY small buffers and it only caused "pop/click" glitches. I know that the USB driver for my Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen is up to date, and so is BA2. Both are set at the same rates and such.

    This is on windows 10 with latest updates on a 64bit machine with 8 gigs of ram (more than enough). USB 2 input on front header, and the USB 3 front header as well... both do it. using included cable. (edit: now on the official back header for usb3)

    I can get 192hz at 24-bit depth and a buffer of 192 as well in Reaper and all the plugins work fine, but load up either standalone or plugin version of BA2 aaaand it happens anyway.

    So something with the sample rate in BA2 is messed up for anything higher than 96khz.

    Anyone able to find a workaround or fix for this atm?

    (And yes, I know there was another thread with this same post, but it was hijacked big time, and just trying to clean up here while allowing that older one to stand, plus someone may now know of a fix?)