Does guitar used change the amp simulator sound?

  • Hi, I own both a strat and a les paul. These are obviously different sounding guitars when played through different amps. But would there be any difference in the sound produced by each guitar for a specific Bias FX tone configuration? eg: if I pick the ACDC guitar tone, will they sound the same on both guitars? From what I can tell, they sound the same. Are there any situations where the amp simulator would produce a different sound depending on the guitar I use?

  • They usually sound different. Also if you change volume or tone on the guitar.

  • A2

    It’s garbage in garbage out, as it should be. If your guitars sound measurably different, they will sound measurably different coming out as well

  • The differences will become much more audible on Crunch and Clean tones. There are major differences in high-gain Amps as well, but they are more subtle to the ear, especially if you are a novice in Amps, modeling and recording.

  • Using the same tone, when I switch from my Ibby RG to my Strat... oh yeah, there's a huge difference in sound.

  • Thanks all. I will have a more careful listen.

  • @steve-sanyal There definitely would be a difference in sound and tone, but there's a lot that goes into this. First and foremost, has to do with pickups. If you use a single coil pickup Tele, and an active EMG-81 in an ESP, you will get different tones from that amp sim. But if you use a "rock-style" humbucker in an LP, and a similar humbucker in strat, they will probably sound pretty similar in the amp. There's a lot to this, but that's probably a good place to start.