Bias-VST is loosing the text-input focus in REAPER (Mac-OS) - have to use virtual keyboard

  • When I try to login to the Tonecloud I am not able to enter option+L to get to the @ of my mailaddress, because this shortcut is assigned in Reaper and the focus is not right, so that some inputs are hijacked by Reaper.

    The problem also appears, when I like to save an amp with a "space" in between two words, like Mesa**[space]**Boogie.

    At the moment I have to use a virtual screen-keyboard, to get over it.
    This is very annoying :(

  • A2

    You could reassign (or remove) the use of that key in reaper right?

  • @pipelineaudio of cause but I would prefer to ask PG to take a closer look at the window-focus of their VST, instead of manually changing shortcuts.