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Celestion cabs vs celestion impulses

  • A2

    For any of you who own both the celestion impulses from celestion and the ones in Bias Amp 2, have you been able to get them anywhere near close to each other in sound? Because of the mic placement think in Bias, there's so many variables.

    Am I missing something? Is there a way to just get the straight impulse of whatever mic?

    Is Bias also applying some other sort of thing? In general, no matter what the combo, as close as I can get it to null, the Bias version (just like the bias cabs in general in bias amp 2 compared to bias amp 1) just seem much, much duller.

  • Just tried a greenback 412 with a solitary SM 57 and tried to make it sound the same as the balanced SM 57 IR.
    i didn't get there.
    But I'll have to try again when my head is abit brighter, could be me. But I believe it's as you say. As if the speakers were in another cab.