Celestion cabs vs celestion impulses

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    For any of you who own both the celestion impulses from celestion and the ones in Bias Amp 2, have you been able to get them anywhere near close to each other in sound? Because of the mic placement think in Bias, there's so many variables.

    Am I missing something? Is there a way to just get the straight impulse of whatever mic?

    Is Bias also applying some other sort of thing? In general, no matter what the combo, as close as I can get it to null, the Bias version (just like the bias cabs in general in bias amp 2 compared to bias amp 1) just seem much, much duller.

  • Just tried a greenback 412 with a solitary SM 57 and tried to make it sound the same as the balanced SM 57 IR.
    i didn't get there.
    But I'll have to try again when my head is abit brighter, could be me. But I believe it's as you say. As if the speakers were in another cab.

  • I have the cel g12m and g12h IR’s. I have tried to do a match with the PG Celestion g12m using 57 and R121 combo (lo gain voicing). I have been able to get pretty close, maybe 5-10 mins total spent.

    But yes, there does seem to be some difference. At first it was so pronounced that I thought “man, these PG Celestions suck”. After some tweaking I got it to the point that neither seemed lower quality, just different.

    Having said that, I ended up just sticking with my regular IR. I’ve been using it as my main 4x12 cab sound for a year now, and maybe my ears are just tuned in to that sound.

  • The Celestion IRs in Bias not being null boggles. On the other hand, when using the IR loader, I haven't found any IRs that I care for. Not even (remotely) ML Soundlab's 'best IR'.

  • Hi, not sure if I should have started a new thread or not, but lets see.

    I have a heap of the Celestion IR's, they are ok, I wouldn't say better or worse than other IR's I have, although admittedly I seem to use others mostly. I have BIAS Amp2 Pro, and I was just wondering if the Celestion Cabs included with BA2 Elite or the other Celestion expansion pack sound better or worse than their Celestion IR counterparts used with a 3rd party IR loader or the BA2 IR loader?

    I know that the internal cabs in BA2 will allow you to position the mic etc thus altering and enabling more variation, but generally (and honestly) speaking do the IR's sound noticeably better or worse comparing the internal ones to the same cab IR loaded externally via 3rd party IR loader or the IR loader in BA2?

    If I could demo the cabs within BA2 I could find out for myself, but alas that is not possible. I don't want to spend the $100 to upgrade to Elite or $79 for the expansion only to find out they are worse, also I realize that better or worse is subjective, but what can you do? Perhaps that I seem to prefer other IR's to the Celestions that I do have should give me a hint.

    Also, the cabs in BA2 pretty much suck, do the Celestions at least sound better in BA2 than the cabs included in BA2 Pro?


  • @jay said in Celestion cabs vs celestion impulses:

    Also, the cabs in BA2 pretty much suck, do the Celestions at least sound better in BA2 than the cabs included in BA2 Pro?

    Absolutely. I would go so far to rate it a 70 % improvement over the internal cabs (in most cases).
    If I would use BA2 exclusively, I wouldn't spend any time checking any other IR-brands anymore, except for a few very boutique-like cab IR.

    The possibility to add and move the mics to your liking is top and seemless integrated!

  • Thank you for y our comment, I'm still on the fence and can't seem to pull the trigger, I think it's because the Celestion IR's I already have don't really wow me, they certainly don't stand out compared to others I have, I seem to prefer others, and to me the Celestion IR's sound boxy, I wish you could demo them inside BA2, Two Notes Wall Of Sound allows you to demo before you buy, which is one thing I like about them, the IR's themselves are OK, but generally not what I go for.

  • @jay do you try the celestion irs with different mics? I heard some of them with sm51 tend to be boxy

  • Yeah tried all the ir's from the different Speaker/Mic choices, I assume you mean SM57? I have always found that to be the least boxy myself. Never mind, I've decided not to bother upgrading from Pro to Elite, and I wont be buying anymore Celestion IRs, what I have now a superior IMO.

  • Another idea, the mic selection on the Celestion IR packs is not what I'd call wise choices all the way around. SM57 is a no brainer obviously, but the others are kind of filler in what I'd call a better overall selection, including a 414, M160, 4038, KM84, U47, U67, U87, etc.

    Try doing just 1 mic on the PG Celestions (I use 414 dead center for closest to "reference" quality tone from the available mics) and compare that to the IR packs. I know it's not apples to apples, but it helped me clear the air of multiple mic phase issues etc and cut to the chase.

    Once I did that, the PG Celestions compared favorably with the IR packs. I got tones I liked so much that 2 of my favorite 4 setups are PG Celestions.

    Hope this helps.