Tonecloud requirement info

  • Re: Tonecloud Presets
    I think it would be a really useful feature to include badges on presets showing what version and what expansions are needed for each preset. I have downloaded a number of presets now that require me to purchase an expansion pack to use.
    If it can't be detected automatically, then there should be check boxes on the upload form. I use BiasFX Pro and have run into a lot of presets that require the Acoustic Expansion and a couple that require the Distortion Expansion out of the ones I have downloaded. Of course they all work with the Tonecloud UI. It would also be nice to add the ability to filter on the version and expansion packs. That way people who don't have them are safe knowing they will download tones that work and people that do, can easily find tones that take advantage of them. It would be a win for all users.