ToneCloud filters/sorting

  • ToneCloud NEEDS to have some sort of filters for presets. Being able to find professional presets from big names would be fantastic, or even by basic categories (clean, glassy, etc.).

    And sorting presets is sorely needed. Searching through the thousands of presets to find the ones most liked, and hopefully the best quality, is a nightmare.

    Please catch up with the 21st century PG :)

  • +1.000.000 Oh yes, please! That's more than needed.
    Even the possibility to click on an username to list all of its uploads.
    And please a "note checkbox" for amps I like to check later.
    There is some work to do!

  • @sascha-ballweg Yes! A "watched" list would be sick. There's so many times I scroll through, see and amp, but don't have the time to use it or hardware to access it (Bias Head), but want to try it later.

  • Yes, tonecloud is so awesome and so frustrating at the same time. :) I really do like it but it could be so much more!

    It would be cool to 'subscribe' to certain posters, search by base amp model, search by genre, etc, etc.