FR: Presets for each effect model

  • It would be very useful if both the iOS and desktop versions of BIAS FX had
    support for creating many presets for each effect that is modelled.

    Factory presets could be created by the BIAS team.

    For complex effects such as delays, reverbs, EQ's etc having the ability to just browse presets - for say a Space Echo model can save a lot of time for the unexperienced and provide a very inspiring way to discover just what is possible with an effect. The title of such presets can also give hints as to the musical context in which a preset might be best used.

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    YES!!!! Per FX Block presets is big time on my list

  • @daniel-stenning not sure I get it. Just a way to sort all presets by a specific effect?

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    Each effect block could have storable and recallable settings...especially for things like amps and even more especially for cabinet/mic combos. And this also gets to basic quality of life like parameter values at a glance, fine tuning for parameter values, direct entry for parameter values, return parameter value to preset default, return parameter value to unity gain, etc

  • +1 seen such Effect- and Amp-Presets on a Headrush Pedalboard and found them very useful for a quickstart

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    Think about the sheer impossibility of correctly matching cabinet/mic settings, especially given that the basics arent there(parameter value view, fine tune, reset to default, etc...

  • @sascha-ballweg Yes, the AxeFx and AX8 editor has had these for a long time too. They are called 'block definitions'. It is a necessity on the Axe because the FX have so many parameters.

    So, like you can say, here's my favorite phase 90 settings and here's my jet flanger, etc. It is super useful but I am not sure:

    1. How you would implement this on something which already has the simplified interface of the pedals. Like the bias products... you are going to have to add yet another menu somewhere and on mobile this is going to cost you in the interface.
    2. How it would work with Bias Pedal, which really, basically, lets you already do this natively in PG products.

    Not sure they would want to undermine their pedal tool by cannibalizing some of its value.

    Honestly, what I would really like is:

    PG Framework: a tool that all the other 'Bias' modules plugin in to for a seamless work flow. Most of what people want to do with the PG tools they can already do but the PG work flow is complicated by the arbitrary divisions between separate apps.

    This division actually makes sense looking at their mobile products because you are so constrained there by the environment. And mobile is a HUGE value add for PG, IMHO. So you don't want to kick that to the curb, but, on the computer it would be nice to have some over-arching thing that if you own all the licenses (like me ;) ) you can host all the PG stuff you own and bounce between them without so much pain.

    I think this would address many of the concerns users have and would make the PG ecosystem much more appealing to people who are comparing it directly to other PC products without concern for mobile.

  • Whats about another layer (submenu) in the device-selector in the signal-path?
    F.e. here shown as an option for the cabinet…

    0_1536312206578_Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-07 um 11.17.31Uhr.jpg

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    Long press/ right click. I know a big limiting factor is compatibility with mobile devices, but that doesn't mean we cant get UI basics, its all doable