IR impulse response files - filenames max 20 charakters?

  • When I read that thread, I fired up BIAS Amp and checked, and found I had the issue with loading ir's as well, so downloaded the linked version which fixed it, it puzzles me why that version isn't up for download as the latest version on the PG site, I guess there must be a reason.

    I can't say I have ever noticed the phasey thing, I have noticed in various packs the volume differences. Which pack did you get?

  • A2

    The Metallica one, which is super awesome

  • @dawseeker : as I said in that thread, your GUI issue is not common, and points at an OS issue.

    I tweak to get something that doesn't exist. But I think I've gotten close enough there with two amps, and will soon spend the half-hour individually deleting the other patches in B and BFX. Patches sound the same in standalone and within DAW over here. That they don't over there suggests an audio routing issue.

    @pipelineaudio : I use the paraQ in B, and any of the Qs in BFX to set level. Input and output levels of each instance of either in the signal chain of each channel of your DAW will remain the same within the current project. Each new instance will be at default. Each new instance of B2 will ask for login - which you can skip if you don't need to be connected to Cloud.