IR impulse response files - filenames max 20 charakters?

  • Hi. If I import IR-files the filenames are restricted to max 20 charakters.
    If I import files with longer filenames those are shortened and named with numbered suffixes like…

    • filename20char_A.wav
    • filename20char(1).wav
    • filename20char(2).wav

    That's of cause annoying, but what really bothers me overall is, that there are factory-defaults which are unshortened.
    Here is a screenshot with 2 folders. The first contains filenames I shortened manually and the second contains the factory IR-files.

    Is there a workaround to import my IR-files unshortened and therefore "usabel"?

    0_1535619827167_Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-30 um 09.21.24Uhr.png

  • The better workaround I’ve found is to keep original files unimported. I then copy only the files I’m going to use at the moment to the folder with imported files and shorten the names myself. It’s not a very good solution.
    The other work around I’ve used is to use a bunch of folders with explanatory names.
    Both these solutions are irritating, so I use an IR-loader in a separate plugin after Bias, which actually suits me quite fine.

  • @john I do understand your usage and thank you for your suggestions but I not understand the fact, that it seems technically to be okay, to have long filenames, as the factory-folder states. So the restrictions should be fixed by PG for user-imports, too.

  • I really think that the ir loader in this thing is in need of an overhaul. If you check out many of the free ir loaders or Revalver they are much more organized and easier to to browse, load and use than this. Also you can check out many ir's on the internet without the hassle of dealing without dealing with this dinosaur.

  • Data management is a huge problem in Bias. They need lists instead of these huge icon grids. They need search in the app too

  • @elric said in IR impulse response files - filenames max 20 charakters?:

    Data management is a huge problem in Bias. They need lists instead of these huge icon grids. They need search in the app too

    Yes, they need to get at least a half decent preset management system, what they have presently sucks arse, and is just woefully inadequate, even worse when compared to that of other amp sims. There are so many things that need attention, but I fear they will never get it. I have purchased every PG Product for PC over the years, but it's starting to wear thin, I'll never purchase any further PG products until they get their act together.

  • A2

    One of the things that makes this particularly painful are the incredibly slow loading times of pieces inside the plugin (Replace Amp is a HUGE one that comes to mind)

  • Yes, and deleting, and renaming etc etc etc, if I could get the time back that I have wasted just waiting for the programs to do stuff that should be practically immediate (it is in other amp sims), just imagine how much time it adds up to. loading is long enough on it's own let alone further time wasted by doing simple things inside the app which should be nigh on instant !!!

  • I remember (and not fondly) when I had to go through BIAS Amp Pro and organize and rename my collection of Choptones amps so as they would be easily identified in BIAS FX Pro (otherwise it would have been impossible), there was a lot, I'm guessing upward of 1500, that was painfully slow, and not because of the number, but because of how slow renaming and moving etc was inside the apps, you had to do 1 part of the operation, then wait for the app to become responsive again while it done it's thing. . . then rinse and repeat, it was pathetic, in any other amp sim it would have been a simple quick proceedure, but no, not with PG.

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    More quality of life stuff that really needs to be looked at

  • .....1500 patches is....Extreme. I can spend hours tweaking a few parameters in one module and not go past fifty. I haven't cleared things in months or more and might have three hundred total.

  • @tannhauser said in IR impulse response files - filenames max 20 charakters?:

    I can spend hours tweaking a few parameters in one module

    I prefer to play myself than spend endless hours tweaking this and that, and that's what the Choptones amps allow me to do, anything I want is just there, plus they are soooo much better than any standard BIAS Amp/Amp2/FX amps, I never really use any of the standard stuff, most of it sounds like crap to me (in comparison), especially in Amp2.

    It wasn't 1500, it's 1822, I had to spend most of yesterday messing around trying to fix my BIAS FX Pro issue, which won't allow me to update past v1.6.1.3174 as in every subsequent version the GUI just craps out, so you can't use it, similar to issues others are having here on the forum like the Google Browser in place of the GUI, white out in Amp2 etc etc, which there seems to be no fix for. Anyway I noticed there were 2 entries for BIAS Amp Pro in Windows/Apps, so I completely uninstalled Amp1 and FX, reinstalled and added my amps back in and seen the total of 1822 in the presets folder, still can't update BIAS FX Pro past .3174 though, typical PG flakiness.

  • @pipelineaudio Yes, I'm convinced a lot of this has to do with all the bitmaps. They are pretty but probably slowing things down a bunch.

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    That choptones stuff looks and sounds cool but jeez, 4 pages worth and a lot of them at a pretty penny, youch.

  • A2

    I grabbed a choptones bundle to try it out, how do you install it? Can't find anything on their site

  • Yeah, I got them all (over a few years) except for a couple of 'Pre Amp' ones, a couple of the Marshall ones were not as good as I liked out of the box, but can be tickled up and ok, they have some good cab impulses as well, done a little different than the usual, but very good, and tend not to have that undesirable 'high end' thing you can find in others, the ones I got anyway.

    Install, just unzip and in either BIAS Amp 1 or 2 select 'Import Preset' and direct it to the .bpp file inside the folder you unzipped (or just drag the .bpp file somewhere etc)

    As i Mentioned in another thread, way back when I first got BIAS Amp, the install method wasn't easy like it is now, you still had the problems with how BIAS does things and it's limitations with preset management, but back then you had to manually move folders to the correct location, then manually edit the preset file for the amps, that was a real PITA, but it wasn't to long before BIAS got the preset import and then they started packing them as the .bpp files making it much easier.

  • If you are going to access them in BIAS FX, you'll have to rename them, a right pain in the arse, but otherwise you wont know what is what in BIAS FX, as much the fault of Choptones naming convention as anything else, but the slow speed of doing things within BIAS certainly doesn't help, be thankful you'll only have a few and not 1800+. After I renamed and sorted, I created and put them all in their respective folders within BIAS FX Pro so as it is easy to get what I want, I don't change amps from within the app as such, because of as you know the waiting isn't ideal, I just select what amp I want to start with and go from there . . . works for me

  • I never use standalone, I think everything just sounds foul, always within a DAW or similar where I can route to a bus with certain fx, and have my plugs before and after the instance of BIAS Amp1/2/ or FX on a track/channel. I just can't listen to any ampsim 'dry' after working out how to make it sound awesome, now, standalone, any product just sounds crap in comparison, I just can't do it.

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    Thanks! Is there anyway besides the cloud to import and export presets for Bias FX?