Bias FX Desktop vs. Jam Up Pro Ipad

  • I use Jam Up pro on my iPad for practicing and the Bias FX Desktop for recording on my Mac.
    Why are there so differences in the sound? I like the Jam Up so much more. The Bias FX sounds synthetical compared to Jam Up.
    Does anyone experience the same?
    Ps.: I use the same interface and headphones for both.

  • I find the opposite to be true. Bias FX is what my ears prefer but if you like jam up better who am I to tell you you’re wrong.

  • +1. If Jamup sounds better to you than Bias FX Desktop; your Bias FX desktop is probably badly configured. Check your input levels, sample rates, buffers, etc, on the desktop. IMHO.

  • A2

    In my experience I've tried Bias FX desktop and even if I still have to fiddle around a little more with those knobs in a first approach e liked more the sounds in the mobile version! don't know why, maybe it's just matter of tastes..

    for sure the audio interface and the signal levels have a huge role in the path though...