BiasFX cab section

  • It would be nice to see the cab section in BiasFX have it's capabilities increased to be on a par with it's competition. More mic options, multiple mics, room mics, room size and type adjustment etc. That is the one area in BiasFX that lets it down a little in my opinion. Other people's mileage may vary.

  • It would be nice!! I´d change more mics to IR cabapility!
    BTW, it´s gonna be nice if we could disable cab section into BiasFX.

  • A2

    I swear you used to be able to pick "No Cab" from the cab still can in global options, but man...I'd love to see a movable IR loader block like any other pedal in Bias FX, and then an FX loop block that was movable as well (especially if/when the hardware comes out)

  • I said that twice in the last two months. Started a thread on it. No more cab bypass in BFX, nor one in B2.

    As for more mics, what version are you using? There used to be two. Now there are four. And I assume distance equals 'room'.

  • @tannhauser Actually, I just figured out how to disable cab on BFX (mac version)... on menu (top right), there are an option of disable/enable some settings (cab, IR loader, power amp section...).

  • The old way of disabling the cab is still there. Click on amp, click on cab, choose Standard cab (not Celestion). The top "cab" is now No Cab.

  • @john
    I´m gonna check this tonight!

  • @tannhauser I am using ver of BiasFX Pro Desktop on a PC. I have two mics SM57 and C414. When I say room I am talking about additional stereo mics and room size, shape and materials. Hard floors, carpeted floors etc. Moving the cab mic away from the speaker won't recreate those aspects.

  • @john You're right.. when using amps creating with bias amp 1 or stock amps from bias fx. If you are using amps created with bias amp2, there aren't "no cab" option.

  • @rascarvalho Always one more step... Have you contacted PG about, make sure they know?

  • @rascarvalho : exactamundo. We shouldn't even be talking about B1, for fuck's sake.

    @colin : but to have the same amount of gear, you pay an assload more. Take your pick....although they don't have a lot of the same, iconic, amps. And I'm suspicious of their 'versions' of things, for example the pedals.

  • @tannhauser Yeah you are right. Since getting Bias FX I haven't used anything else. If I hadn't tried the competition I doubt I would even think about what is missing in Bias.

  • @colin : Bias does great amp tones as heard in many videos. In my own experience, or perhaps according to how I play and all, there's an interesting contrast between B/BFX and other sims. Many of the others seem more amp-like in the sound the strings make plugging into an amp. B/BFX has the kind of response I want, particularly in palm-muting, a very refined kind of chug that can become bell-like. In the last year I've mentioned that the input algorithm seems to need some work. The 'tone' would be astounding.