Bias Amp 2 - White Screen Issue

  • Anyone know a quick fix for this?

    Windows 7
    64 Bit
    Latest Version of Reaper.

    I’ve had no issues in the past.
    All of a sudden Bias Amp 2 turns into a white screen after a minute or so.

  • Moderator

    @eph Please send us a ticket via, thank you!

  • Yes this has been happening for a month or so. Click on another vst, then back.

  • @tannhauser
    Unfortunately that doesn’t get rid of the white screen.
    Thanks for the help though.

  • It might be something different. I have a bunch of VSTs/FX on the same channel, and clicking on another in the list, then back, fixes the image.

  • Might be similar or related to problems discussed here

    some are having the white screen, others similar but different issue with browser, I've got the white screen with Bias Fx, so can't update past a certain version.

    There seems to be a lot of flaky stuff going on with Bias products. I tried to migrate my Bias Amp 1 Pro presets over to Bias Amp 2 Pro, nothing migrated across of course, but from then on when trying to access the preset/amp selection I would just get the spinning circle thing for up to 5 minutes before I was able to access the various folders/amps/presets, or do anything else for that matter, after that first attempt and the resulting 5 minute wait, access is normal again, well . . . until next session, then it's 'play it again Sam' rinse and repeat. Tried everything I could think of to fix it, factory reset, uninstall and delete all Amp 2 Pro folders and files, reboot and reinstall etc, but nothing fixed it, the problem remained. So I had to go back and restore the previous Disk image I had made, which of course put everything back to how it was a week previous, but at least it fixed the Amp 2 Pro issue, but I wont be trying to migrate Amp 1 Pro presets again I can assure you of that.

    There is a lot of flaky stuff in the Bias family of products that affect a lot of people from GUI sluggishness to problems like these that really need fixing. I have been through support for various things, run the support tool, gave all the info requested, only to get radio silence from then on (weeks/months), either they have no interest in fixing it, or it's to much to fix it, or don't know what the problems are. Notice in the thread I posted above, a mod said they were on to the problem, that was what, 3 or 4 months ago and nothing has happened, either way it's not a good look, and there is a lot of negative talk about PG and their products around the various forums. I have no issues with any other software, everything else runs and works fine, it's just the PG/Bias stuff,