BIAS FX feature request - insert arbitrary VST into signal chain

  • It would be handy to be able to insert one (or more) arbitrary VST effects into the signal chain, to allow the addition of 3rd party signal processing and/or signal analysis into the path. (For example, Arturia's synth filters, or any of the wide variety of higher-end or specialized reverb/delay/modulation effects.)

    Such an item would just appear as a black-box in the BIAS FX ui, with enable/disable switching. Double-clicking on the box would open the effect's ui in a separate window.

    While it's possible to fake this in a DAW, somewhat, by having two instances of BIAS FX - everything before the patch point in one, and everything after the patch point in the second, and using the DAW's signal routing capabilities to do what is desired - it's hardly pleasant or convenient. And I like to use the standalone version of FX for general playing, only using the plugin version within a DAW when I want to make something.

    Similarly, it would be handy to have "send to a different audio device" and "recieve from a different audio device" as a pair of blocks available to be added to the signal chain. Primary use would be to insert an effects loop at any point in the chain that would go out to actual physical (analog) gear to do whatever. 4x4 audio interfaces are relatively inexpensive these days, and I can see that as being a useful feature for someone who's gigging with the standalone version, but would like to insert some actual pedals into the signal chain for whatever reason. (Better 'mojo', some beloved effect that isn't currently modeled in FX, or something that's simply better/more usable in hardware form.)

    Example: the request for a looper in FX. If eventually added (and it should be), it's likely enough that it might not do everything that some expensive dedicated looper pedal does. Being able to bring in a particular hunk of analog gear to the otherwise digital modelled signal path would be a win.

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    Oh yeah! This was on my master list! It would give us auto engage for the wah, a harmonizer, and the ability to put an IR anywhere in the chain. Game over

  • Yes. All similar apps have a vst host function, and we talked all about it last year.

    As for devices, I think in Windows that would violate the audio device protocol.

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    What do you mean? Revalver does it in both their VST and standalone version

  • @tannhauser said in BIAS FX feature request - insert arbitrary VST into signal chain:

    As for devices, I think in Windows that would violate the audio device protocol.

    There might possibly an issue talking to entirely different audio devices simultaneously (e.g., a Realtek chip on the mobo and a USB-based pro audio interface); I'd be perfectly happy with the standalone (and VST) being able to talk to multiple 'pseudo-devices' or whatever they're called.

    Example: on an 8x8 interface, you'd have something like "Focusrite Analog In 1+2" and "Focusrite Analog In 3+4" and so on, which look like separate audio interfaces at some level (e.g. the Win10 Sound control panel), but presumably share a single instance of a common device driver.

    Point being there's certainly no problem doing that, as every DAW ever already does.

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    If they're doing it in JUCE then they already have a VST/AU host. It would be hard to make it work for the ipad version, and possibly hardware version, but the desktop and plugin version are at least doable, could be very difficult, could be not so bad, but there's no showstopper there

  • @jhbradley : I don't know what you're talking about. A device is a device.

    @pipelineaudio : yah, I said that. Revalver 3 was '12 or '13, and it had it. I'm skeptical it'll happen in BFX (it won't happen in Bamp), simply because it didn't come that way, and given what we know about their security scheme.