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    It is really, really hard to tell what you are doing when picking BA2 amps in the Bias FX amp chooser. All of them are stuck in the same chunk. I beg for a way to organize these things!

    Also, holy crappo, it sure takes a long time to load up the folders when you are chosing amps. Can that be sped up?

    Also, not all of my BA2 amps are showing up in Bias FX, why would that be?

  • The menus, preset management and general GUI sluggishness are and have been an issue with all Bias versions since the beginning, Bias amp, Bias FX, Bias Amp2, Bias Pedal, they all suffer from it, and always have. Preset management is horrendous, just compare it with other amp sims and you will quickly see how lacking it is in every way, not just speed. I own practically all software amp sims out there, and practically all of them are light years ahead when it comes to preset management, there is no comparison. Positive Grids preset management simply sucks, there is no other way to put it, and it's been that way since the beginning. Adding 3rd party amps/presets did improve from the beginning, where once you had to manually edit a config file, adding entries and manually place the various folders in the right location for things to work, like ChopTones amps for example, it was hideous. Thankfully that changed, and importing became much easier, but preset management is still very primitive and sucks hard, in more ways than just speed. The general GUI sluggishness doesn't help either, no other amp sim is like this, they are all by comparison really snappy, click click job done, no waiting or pauses involved, and with far more options and capabilities to boot. It's not a good look for Positive Grid and Bias products.

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    When we had to work with other plugins that had this sort of sluggishness (and the amount of data that an instance of Bias VST will write to a DAW's project file) it always came down to copy protection. Finding a better way to implement it at least fixed THAT problem.As it stands, its just too much PITA to audition different amps inside of Bias FX so I end up opening an instance of Bias Amp to do it (and still way sluggier there than it ought to be). I'm pretty sure this can be fixed, and I have some ideas of places to look.

    The other issue of the settings/preset management/organization....yeah that one really needs a redo

  • I bet all your patches are there, just easy to overlook them. I have frequently.

    @pipelineaudio said in Menus....pain!:

    When we had to work with other plugins that had this sort of always came down to copy protection.

    Yup, what I've been saying from early on, evident in their platform design and 'membership' protocol.

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    I sent PG some comparisons, but here's a great pic. Here is one project, ignite, with one instance of ts999, emissary and NADIR with an impulse in it

    Also is the same file, but with all the ignite stuff removed, and just one instance of Bias FX

    I'm not going to count the actual lines written to the project file, but theres nearly 250K (!!!!) more information written to the project file!

    alt text

  • @pipelineaudio : what directory is that? I no longer have .rpp (or .bak) files showing up anywhere.....

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    In this case its just the project directory where I was saving these particular projects. You can specify it in "Save Project As"

  • @pipelineaudio : oh, pardon. I have those in Reaper Media (and keep rendered tracks in the project name file). the file names aren't showing, but their icons do. In any case, I wonder all what is being written in the BFX file.....

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    Hash....Slate had this problem previously, so did ReValver