Bias2 demo

  • Ok, so first I want to day I used to have 50k in recording gear. Nie I'm reduced to my studio computer that I cant setup right now, and a laptop. Laptop is decent. I was using pod farm just to make some scratch tracks to be recorded again at a later time, song writing purposes only. It actually didn't sound half bad at all but doesnt work with current pro tools so I need an alternative until I can save an extra 3,000,000,000 dollars for an axe fx. Saw the Ola demo and though that sounds amazing. Have the demo and it sounds like muddy farts in a straw Into a fishbowl. No balls, no chugs, just wow a 30 dollar plastic battery powered amp sounds I setup direct monitoring and that gave it a little bit more, and I mean a little bit. So I figure ok...maybe it's me, let me hear something from tone cloud...cnt download them, cant even demo them. If I'm gonna spend 3-500 bucks on this thing, it has to sound at least passable for now. Doesnt have to be amazing, but good would be nice. My interface is an old garbage line 6 gx but that shouldn't kill the sound that badly. If I run through the computer soundcard obviously it's much worse. All I want is to do scratch tracks in pro tools....

    1. Is the demo nerfed just to show that you have a bunch of menus and buying it sounds better?
    2. Is there a way to TRY some tonecloud tones to possible entice me to drop the cash?
    3. I dont think an uninstall and reinstall blah blah blah will fix anything.
    4. Will it run on ok a laptop? I have 16 gigs ram and an I7 processor ( alienware ) or do i really need my powerful computer for it to sound proper?
    5. Please dont suggest buying a new interface, not only does it cut Into my axe fx money, but I used to own a lynx Aurora 16 and to me and anything less than that is all the same...from a 50 dollar interface to a 1000 Interface, they are all equally crap to me.
    6. Can I at least get this thing to sounds as good as the eleven rack I had? Sim wise, that's not even that good.
      Thanks in advance.

  • A2

    As long as you have SOME sort of interface with a DI (if you don't have a DI) beyond your onboard soundcard, you're OK on the interface side.

    Forget the tonecloud stuff, grab the stock amps and turn off the speaker cabinets and stick in any decent impulse. Bias Amp 1 had some awesome speaker cabs, but I remember BA 2 had some trouble with the same ones in the same settings...Muddy wet blanket farts

  • B2 with B1 amps have B1 cab sections - one mic at a time, 57 or 414, original algorithm. B2 cabs are different, less raw, less right in front of your face, but ultimately I think better. Inteface on the other hand matters in my experience. $50 Audiobox blew chunks (not linear, and heavy perhaps hyped in the bass), whereas my 2nd-gen Scarlett 2i2 is far better. I wouldn't use anything that's more than two years old, if for any reason that the drivers and latency have severely progressed in the lower tier.

    Record some 'crappy' tones and post links so we can hear.