Hi end, in amp sims in general

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    I have a problem, less in Bias but it's still there, with the really high, high end of the frequency spectrum coming thru in IR's or amp sims compared to a mic on an amp...A lot of it, before Bias, was just the lack of the ability to make that full on square wave rectumfrycation that an amp can do, though Bias does it somewhat, but the other side is either impulses themselves, or I dont know what....drives me nuts

  • I thought it was me being a beginner... Distance to the speaker seems to help a bit, being out of axis.

  • @pipelineaudio if possible I always use a global-EQ on amp-sims cutting the heights at around 6k

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    I do much the same thing with real recorded amps, but the effect is different. There's still a "hardness" to the mic'd tone that I'm not getting from impulses.

    I do need to narrow it down and see if its the impulse itself or still the amp itself causing the issue. I did lately a few line outs of real amps, to be used with impulses, but in the song it was for, it was meant to be really mellow and dull so if the impulse was hurting any, it was helping in this case.

    This is something I've been reporting on for more than a decade though, and really, Bias' ability to avoid most of it is why I'm here. I guess this is just another rabbit hole I'm really going to have to go test for a few months...

    As soon as this damn hurricane passes, assuming I still breath and have stuff, I guess I will be working on it. Probably a case for what Alex is working on at Audio Assault with the way his cabinet emulator works

  • While I get your humor, I don't know as I know what you're talking about. Can you show me some recordings, and highlight this phenomenon you're speaking of?