Bias Amp 2 - Tuner? Where did it go?

  • I cant seem to find the tuner in the UI... where is it?

  • I don't think there is one, wasn't in BIAS Amp 1 either, there is in BIAS FX, but it's pretty crappy, for in DAW use there are other vst alternatives you can get, what I find the best is TC Electronics Polytune, not free but . . . , for free there is also things like GTune from GVST which is reasonably good among others.

  • I am not sure why a lot of the features that I believe should be in Bias Amp 2 are in Bias FX.

    I like Bias FX, but the dual amp, peddles and tuner should be in the Bias Amp 2, minus the effects, but an option to purchase the FX package and update the Bias Amp 2.

    Yeah there never was a tuner in Bias Amp 1 or 2.

  • I use the BFX tuner exclusively. Works great for me. Kind of weird Bamp hasn't had one, though.

    As for the rest, Bamp is just that. Within DAW, pre/post it with an instance of BFX. I don't use the standalone. I want to be able to record something when I play it, and typically do.