Impossible to load any IRs in Bias Amp Pro

  • Hi,

    I was trying to play around with the IR loader in Bias Amp Pro (Bias Amp 1)

    I have tried loading IRs of every combination:

    44.1kHz, 48 kHz
    16-bit, 24-bit
    Mono, stereo0

    The IR Loader doesn't respond to any of those files. They have all worked flawlessly in Helix Native and S-Gear (OwnHammer library), so I am pretty sure they should be compatible. I have tried 64-bit Bias, 32-bit Bias, Administrator mode, and am pretty much out of ideas... Whenever I select a file, the waveform remains a flatline, and Name/sample rate/bit deapth remain blank.

    Has anyone encountered this before? Would love a fix so I can go back to just playing guitar...

    Thanks in advance!

  • Same thing here, things seem to be getting even more flaky with PG products as time goes by, I also have a strange issue with BFX Pro, stuck on a 4 month old version, can't go forward, think its time to move on back to my other Amp Sims, they just work all the time simple as that, none of these issues, and they sound just as good, if not more 'realistic' than BIAS. Starting to understand why PG has such a bad rep around the traps, a lot of people on other forums don't have much good to say about them or the products.

    I think I'm officially 'Off The Grid' :)

  • Just for comparison I loaded a 3rd Party IR into Bias Amp2 and seemed to have worked fine. Wanted to make sure the IR loader was working and seems to be working ok.

    Not sure about Bias Amp 1, but I believe before updating I tried IR and it also worked fine.

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  • A2

    I'm loading in impulses all the time, I got the celestion ones after trying out the versions inside Bias Amp 2

  • Hey Mike thanks for that! I just installed and tried to load and IR and it loaded as expected. This is a most excellent response, thanks for the quick fix.

  • Bias amp 2, have loaded wav file, 96000 sample rate, bit depth 24 works ok. Unit seems pretty picky (REAL picky ) about what you can feed it. The loader is junk. Freebie aftermarket units work better.