Presets sound different after being saved to the rack

  • Any presets that I download and tweak, sound completely different if they are saved onto the physical amp. I tried with several presets, tweaked them to my liking through the iPad, but as soon as I saved them onto the rack it sounds drastically different. I don't know what I am missing?

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    DO you have speaker emulation turned on (or off) in a way you didn't mean to?

  • I have the same cab sim selected in both variants, and I never hit the cab sim switch on the unit, so unless it changes on its own, I don't believe so.

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    See if you can record the output of the amp then try and null it with the desktop version and the difference file should be able to shed a lot of,light on what could be causing it

  • I can record the output; however, what do you mean by null, etc? I apologize, I am not super experienced.

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    well you would line up the recording of the rack vs a recording from the app or plugin, then flip one of them out of phase. Whatever you hear left over is the difference. Depending on what exactly the difference sounds like, it can tell you a lot about what could be causing the difference in sound

  • Great, I'll let you know the results. Can we post a screenshot on here? Also, wouldn't there be an obvious difference in sound waves when comparing a mic'd cab to the sim cab on the plugin?

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    Yeah, I use imgur for that, but Im sure there are others

  • Is your rack plugged into a cab, or are you listening on the same monitoring system that you use for the software?

  • @danbieranowski Both ways. What i was describing was through headphones though. I would literally download a tone, tweak it and save it as new. However, as soon as I would save it as a new tone, it sounds miles away from the original that was downloaded.

  • @steffanlucarelli Hmm. That's really strange. If I were in your shoes I would make sure the cab sim was OFF on the rack. If that didn't do it, I would try a factory reset and firmware update, which you can find instructions for in the Support section.

  • Hi.
    I experienced the same today.
    I’m using Bias AMP 2 on my iPad, connected through Bluetooth to my BIAS Head Processor, himself connected to my Alto TS 215.
    I have choosed a patch on Tonecloud, tweak it, then save it to the head, and the sound was really different...
    But after, I’ve choosed the same patch on Tonecloud, save it as it is on the head, tweak it and saved it again, then it was ok!