Please implement an alphabetization feature for our growing list of presets.

  • Many of us now have a plethora of presets, across multiple devices and platforms of Bias. We need a way to quickly make our iPad's Bias FX match our desktop Bias FX (or Amp, Pedal, etc.), instead of resorting to keeping both devices' instances of Bias opened up, looking back and forth between the two, manually shuffling things's way too cumbersome and time consuming. It would be great if you could simply click something like 'SAVE ALL USER PRESETS [PRIVATELY/PUBLICLY]' on one device, and then on the other device click 'DOWNLOAD ALL USER PRESETS.' Then just alphabetize everything with a click of a button. That would be SOOOO much easier! You could perhaps have a feature that batches and saves/uploads all presets within each group, like all your 'crunch' amps, or all your 'glassy' amps. Then, you could log into Tonecloud on your other device, go to your uploads, and quickly download those patches over!

    On this subject, why does Bias Amp have a PRIVATE upload setting, but Bias FX only lets you PUBLICLY upload things?can you only PRIVATELY save on Bias Amp? Why not FX as well?

    Thank you!