BIAS Rack Midi Setting

  • Is it possible to set one preset for more than one MIDI program change? For Example Preset Glassy 5 on Program Change 1, 5, 7, and so on. I´d like to set one Ampsound for respectively Clean/Crunch/HiGain/Solo and different Effects. So like PC 1: Glassy 5/no Effect, PC 2: Glassy5/Chorus, PC3: Glassy 5/Delay etc.

    FYI: I use a ENGL Z-12 Midi Foot Controller and for the Effects an Rocktron Patchmate Loop 8

  • Moderator

    @chris-schweiger There's no way to assign one preset for more than one MIDI command. However, you can copy your favorite preset to a different amp slot (say copy the Glassy5 to Blues1), and set them with with a different MIDI PC# to get it work. Hope that helps,