New idea for the cabinet section on Bias Amp and Bias FX

  • I think that it would be at good idea to have the possibility to add a very little delay between the two microphones in the cabinet section of Bias.

    This would achieve the effect that Andrew Wade uses in this clip (at around two minutes in).

    Both the impulse loader from Lancaster audio (Pulse) and the cabinet section in TSE-X50 has this, and it is very useful for removing fizz in hi-gain tones.

    I think this would a super useful tool to have in an already awesome plugin.

  • You can do it, with two instances of Bamp/BFX into a convo-verb plugin. I think the overheard of two instances is the same as using a dual amp set-up.

    Incidentally: the placement and combination of mics did have a dramatic effect....but there's still this upper mids cshhhh cshhhh. Remove that, and we're talking. Something I create my tones with in mind.

  • I’m Bias fx I just tend to use a mixer and add a delay to one amp there. Not the same, but it gets you close