Bias rack footswitch

  • Hi.
    I would like to buy a footswitch to change the channels of the rack bias (clean, metal).
    which do you recommend?
    thank you

  • @alexps1973
    Hey there,
    There are several options, you could get the Bias 4 channel foot switch(BFS4), which looks pretty robust and I believe it via blue tooth, so no cables needed.

    Behringer FCB 1010 which is a midi controller and fully programmable midi solution. Very popular among quite a few digital rack units.

    You can basically use any midi programmable foot switch like a line 6 hd500X, to PC (Patch Change) or CC midi messages.

    If you have the rack unit, to compliment it, get a multi effects midi foot peddle as mentioned, does not have to be the line 6 HD500X, a lower model or different manufacture will do.



  • Ok.