Tone Request Thread?

  • I have Bias Standard. When I try a tone from the Tonecloud, but it says I need Bias Pro, is there somewhere we can ask that user or anyone, for that tone, (or something close to it) but for Bias Standard?

  • Find 'em online, dude......

  • @tannhauser said in Tone Request Thread?:

    Find 'em online, dude......

    Find what online? The tones?, the users?
    In Bias, when you click on the tone creator, there's no way of contacting them, unless you post a comment on the tone itself.

  • I would've posted a comment with that in mind. Google their name. They might use it on other forums, etc. The pros use their names, as do many of the pro-am. I agree, the system is not socmed-y. The lack of some standard search filters is pretty dreadful, not to speak of no search box. In any case, I can't help you with any because I'm not looking for anyone regarding tone.

  • @shandry_71 That is the one thing that confused me about the Tonecloud, if someone creates a particular tone, but they use Bias FX, or Bias Amp Pro, or Bias standard, and you want that tone, you would need the exact some software.

    I think the Tonecloud should be split up into sections, instead of one giant mash of tones and not knowing what software to use it with.

    I ran into this as well, even personally myself. Created some tones in Bias Fx which I wanted to put into the rack unit, but rack unit only accepts Bias Amp Pro, so some clarification would be to distinguish between the different software as far as tonecloud matching.


  • @mike_studio : at first glance, yes, but the system doesn't know which was used in the tone creation. Even an imposed classification system wouldn't solve it, as some people might not recall, let alone document, their creation process.

    My advantage in at least knowing what was used, though not exactly how, is in my patch titles.

  • I posted about this issue a week or two back, too. The thing that I find really annoying is that you can create a tone in the iPad version and then try and open it in the Pro version on the desktop, and it still says you need to upgrade. This is because the iPad version includes some of the expansion features. I had a cool Acoustic tone that I can't use on my PC because it uses the Acoustic Sim which is in the iPad version but not in BiasFX Pro.

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